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Dove – Real Beauty, Real Smart

Successful marketers know how to strike a nerve. Make you laugh, weep, think of someone you love. But what happens when you innovate the industry you’re competing in and show the other marketers there’s another way of doing it?

Dove Singing in the Rain with Bloggers

If I told you that Dove gets digital media, you’d probably tell me to go away until I have something newsworthy to add. After all, it’s been 4 years since Dove’s Evolution video shocked us that one woman’s face could change so drastically through touch ups. And Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty? It rocks.

Scott Stratten – A Case Study in Relationship Marketing

In an industry filled with so-called experts it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. With so many people offering advice (much of it contradictory) how do you know who to turn to for the real deal.

5 Ways to Measure Your Social Oomph or Make Friends?

I’m often asked how I measure social media for business, which is a fair question. But it’s one I often answer with, “how did you measure the reach of that billboard you paid someone to put up at the local hockey arena?”

Climbing the Social Media Mountain

I’ve decided to make the Sound of Music’s “Climb Every Mountain” SocialNorth’s theme song for 2011. Not that long ago, people shook their heads when we talked about Facebook (Twitter was beyond comprehension and blogging was something exhibitionists and wanna-be writers did) …

Social Media and Your Company

Are you using Facebook for your business? What about LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare or YouTube? 2010 was the year brands joined social media sites en mass. Some strategized and dove into the conversation with a strategic plan to create buzz and conversation. Others just jumped in …

GoGirlfriend story

The story behind the stories GoGirlfriend was born out of a desire to connect and share with women searching for travel information online. By furnishing honest reviews, personal stories, expert tips and slice of life features, GoGirlfriend has become the nerve center for destinations reaching out to female travelers. Add a splash of humor, spa […]

Media Mentions

SocialNorth ~ News & Hype When your business is buzz-building, the more people you can get into the conversation, the better. Julia and Dana like to get folks talking – especially to publications that understand the power of the social media connection. Look who’s talking about us now! GoGirlfriend Canadian women among the most prolific travelers […]

SocialNorth Case Studies

Social networking that reflects brand values is definable and measurable. Read through our case studies to learn how social media can work for your business.

GoGirlfriend Case Studies Overview

GoGirlfriend, a niche-focused community blog, was conceived in 2007 by Julia Rosien. She saw GG as a way to make a splash in the blossoming world of social media – reaching out to bloggers and early social media adapters before the site even launched. Since its inception in 2007, GG has been all about SEO best practices with social media as its only traffic driver …

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