Is Instagram Worth Your Time?

Dishing with Dana ~ 5 tips for using Instagram successfully

Ever wonder just where the heck Instagram came from and why it took off so fast? Me too! Seemed as though I went to bed one night and woke to this amazing free mobile photo-sharing app. I knew it would be powerful and quickly posted my first image, something inspirational and thought provoking. I assumed I’d use it solely for that purpose alone. I was I wrong. I use it for almost all the pictures I want to share.

Sharing has never been easier on all my social media channels – for myself and my customers.

Sharing on Instagram

Sharing with InstagramAfter the excitement ebbed, I thought, “This is going to change how businesses share images too!” After being acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has grown considerably. Let’s face it, much of our awareness of many products comes directly from social media. Thankfully, photo sharing for businesses is as simple as being creative. Consumers want to be inspired, captured and even a little inside info shared could catch the eye of someone who needs the products or services you offer.

Instagram images can be shared on many social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr in one easy click.



Time to get creative

  • have fun with your social media campaignGet personal – Share a little insight on how your products are made. Nothing inspires a consumer more than the inside scoop.
  • Have Fun – Post those funny, but classy, office pics: birthday parties, game day, company special events and don’t be shy about showing emotion. Your customers want to get to know you.
  • Ditch the promotional – Let’s face it. No one likes a bragger. Users are smart and figure it out quickly when your only goal is grab new business.
  • Follow back and comment – It takes time but if you’re interested in what others are doing, they’ll notice you too. Reciprocity is a wonderful thing.
  • Bring Value – Not just in the money kind of way but let your pictures tell your story. Move your community to take action.

In addition to Instagram, the phone apps have now moved to the web and you may be interested in these tools as well:

Pinstagram – It’s what you get when you mix Pinterest and Instagram. Results?

Pinterest – It’s everything you used to cut out and keep on a board, virtually.

the social web can be funTake a gander at some of business I follow on Instagram and actually buy from:

Oh and if you have a moment to spare, check out my personal Instagram account!

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Dana HelmsWhen someone says social butterfly, they’re likely referring to Dana Helms. With her ability to wander through conversations online as if she’s hosting a cocktail party, Dana brings awareness and excitement to the social media party. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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