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Climbing the Social Media Mountain

I’ve decided to make the Sound of Music’s “Climb Every Mountain” SocialNorth’s theme song for 2011. Not that long ago, people shook their heads when we talked about Facebook (Twitter was beyond comprehension and blogging was something exhibitionists and wanna-be writers did) …

Social Media and Your Company

Are you using Facebook for your business? What about LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare or YouTube? 2010 was the year brands joined social media sites en mass. Some strategized and dove into the conversation with a strategic plan to create buzz and conversation. Others just jumped in …

Social Media & Your Intern

Letting your intern manage your social media strategy is stupid – and dangerous. Learn how an intern can add to your social networking and teach you the medium …

Be a LinkedIn DYNAMO!

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site to help you generate more leads and grow your business. Here are SocialNorth’s top 10 LinkedIn business marketing tips.

5 SEO Tips

Think of SEO as the very picky head chef of the Internet. Whether human visitors or bots, SEO dishes up the best of the best – it’s as much about the presentation of the meal as it is about the taste.

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