Introducing Dana Helms

SocialNorth Welcomes Dana Helms

A year of growth ahead

SocialNorth is pleased to announce the appointment of Dana Helms as social media community manager. Dana will work directly with Julia Rosien, SocialNorth owner.

Dana Helms with Julia RosienDana joins SocialNorth from MicroD, a website development company focused on the home and furnishings industry. Dana is also the vice president of social media for WithIt, where she serves with Julia, developing content and creating visibility for the not-for-profit women’s leadership organization. During Dana’s tenure at WithIt, their online community has doubled and memberships are on the rise.

“We’re looking forward to building on our positive momentum with Dana executing on social media strategy for our clients,” said Julia Rosien. “Dana is an exceptional conversationalist and online brand advocate – must-have strengths that we’re confident will support our growth as an international company.”

In the past year, SocialNorth has served a variety of businesses including Dove Canada and The Women in Biz Network and is the social media agency of record for the Dr. Breus brand. As well, Julia Rosien, is a regular speaker at both High Point and Las Vegas Furniture Market and will be presenting with Kathy Ireland and Angelo Surmelis in October.

Special thanks to Stacey Van Berkel Photography for her brilliant work with our launch photo shoot.

About Dana Helms

Dana Helms, SocialNorth community managerWhen someone says social butterfly, they’re likely referring to Dana Helms. With her ability to wander through conversations online as if she’s hosting a cocktail party, Dana brings awareness and excitement to the social media party. Focused on the home and furnishings industry from a retail perspective, Dana joined MicroD in 2006 to serve as client service representative. When social media arrived on the horizon, Dana took a leadership role and was the driving for force behind the launch of their social media strategy. To stay ahead of the curve Dana has turned herself into a human sponge, attending countless educational webinars, seminars and conferences, learning best practices for creating a sustainable online footprint and showing others how to gain ground in social media.

In 2010 Dana was invited to the board of directors of WithIt, a powerful Home and Furnishings leadership group for women. Dana now serves as vice president of social media and has been instrumental in leading WithIt’s social media reach.

Catch up with Dana online

If you’re ready to get found online, isn’t it time you connected with Dana and SocialNorth? We think so too. Contact Us!

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