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introspective Amanda

Twitter True Story ~ The Power of Storytelling

We’re honored to welcome Amanda Wood, AKA @AmandaHWood to SocialNorth. Amanda is a new media culturist for the Charcoal Group. Lover of all things food, tech, design and media. This is her story…

Twitter True Story ~ The Convergence of Personal & Professional

I’ve been on Twitter since 2006 and, while I admit that I hadn’t a clue what it was, how I would benefit or how I would give back to my community, I realized it was a necessity for my business growth. I’ve since developed a far greater understanding of the benefits of social media, personally and professionally. Social media has changed …

the fan hog

What Does Your Social Media Say About You?

As your community grows and the world gets to know you better, conversations, relationships and sales all start to blossom. But are these people your friends? Maybe your followers? Your fans?

make your voice heard

Twitter True Story ~ How I Found My Voice

I learned that it’s never too late to find your passion. I found out that uniqueness isn’t a bad thing, and that I don’t have to fit into someone else’s mold or pretend to be something I’m not. I realized that until I found my worth, nobody else would see it …

Greg having fun

Twitter True Story ~ How Social Media Changed Me

We’re honored to welcome Greg Lehman, AKA @Spike_Mobile to SocialNorth as the next in our series of Twitter True Stories. Greg is the marketing brains behind Spike|Mobile and one smart guy. We met at Canada’s first 140 Conference in Waterloo and I’ve watched his star rising …

Coffe is my connector

Twitter True Story ~ Building a Fiercely Loyal Community

We’re honored to welcome Sarah Robinson, AKA @SarahRobinson to SocialNorth as part of our Twitter True Stories series. Sarah is an author, speaker and consultant. She wrote Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities and is a Forbes & Dun & Bradstreet top entrepreneurship tweeter …

Robert Petril

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Robert Petril, Designer Extraordinaire

We’re honored to welcome designer extraordinaire Robert Petril, 30 year furniture industry veteran to SocialNorth. He’s lived, worked and designed around the world – and continues to pursue his never ending quest for amazing inspirations …

can sinners be redeemed?

Social Media Crisis Management

If you’re a community manager or CEO, map your crisis path out before your begin your social media journey. Now. Before something happens. Remember, not every crisis is truly a crisis. Most of the time, there are a million opportunities to fix the problem before it hits the airwaves.

networking is my oxygen

The Art of Marketing Conference, Toronto

Networking and skill-building are my most essential tasks – every single day – because in my industry, stagnating is moving backward. Enter the almighty conference, still one of my favorite ways to learn, grow and meet other entrepreneurs …

Pam's Twitter tips

Twitter True Story ~ Social Media & Entrepreneurialism

Through Twitter, I developed a new network of courageous, risk-taking, supportive business owners who openly shared their stories online. Many of them were people just like me, who had felt the same way I did, and had found a new “lease on life” by starting their own business …

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