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Greg having fun

Twitter True Story ~ How Social Media Changed Me

We’re honored to welcome Greg Lehman, AKA @Spike_Mobile to SocialNorth as the next in our series of Twitter True Stories. Greg is the marketing brains behind Spike|Mobile and one smart guy. We met at Canada’s first 140 Conference in Waterloo and I’ve watched his star rising …

can sinners be redeemed?

Social Media Crisis Management

If you’re a community manager or CEO, map your crisis path out before your begin your social media journey. Now. Before something happens. Remember, not every crisis is truly a crisis. Most of the time, there are a million opportunities to fix the problem before it hits the airwaves.

be awesome

10 Ways to be Awesome on Social Media

Putting a business on social media is serious business. It costs money to train staff, allocate time to do it and measure what you’re doing. Just like buying a TV or radio ad, if you’re going to invest that much energy into it, you need it to work …

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Interior Designer, Barbara Viteri

We’re honored to welcome Barbara Viteri, AKA @ViteriStyle to SocialNorth. Barbara provides practical solutions to interior designers running a boutique style business …

Twitter True Story – Business Success, Strong Marriage & Happy Family

IronKids and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins are the brainchild of my super-smart business-minded husband. The integration of our business and online presence as the family behind the brand started on twitter and spilled over into our real life. …

Lisa Kahn with Chelsea House

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Interior Designer, Lisa Kahn

SocialNorth introduces Lisa Kahn, AKA @LisaLKahn, to Dishing with Dana. Lisa is an ASID luxury interior design expert, product designer, trend-spotter, writer, unabashed optimist and pixie dust spreader. Check out Dana’s interview …

wit, wisdom and a thick skin

Negativity on Social Media ~ Ignore or Engage?

I’m a big fan of all that’s good with social media. It allows for collaboration, which we all know leads to innovation. But we’ve all seen the dark side of social media too. When negativity catches hold …

your life preserver in stormy client relationships

Firing a Wrong-for-You Client

For many entrepreneurs, we think we need every business opportunity that comes our way, but unprofitable or exhausting business relationships can detract you from finding quality clients. In fact, we mistakenly see some clients as a life preserver – when they’re actually the iceberg that can take us down. Even in our tumultuous economic climate, ending a business relationship …

brand ambassadorship

Brand Ambassadorship & Blogging

When it comes to writing about (and endorsing) products, the line bloggers walk can be as treacherous as walking across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. Balance is important but determination, faith and focus on the end game also contribute to whether you’ll drop in the drink or make it to the other side safely …

Julia and Grace

Mother and Daughter Take on the Nokia Lumia 920

During the Holiday Swap Challenge, my daughter (Grace) and I took weekly turns using the phone. As a blogger and social media user herself, I wanted to see if she’d exercise different features. Turns out that although my daughter connects to those around her differently (and incessantly) …

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