Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Lisa Mende

Going for gold when life delivers unbelievable loss…

We’re honored to welcome Lisa Mende, nationally published interior designer, blogger, mom and three-time High Point Market Style Spotter.

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Dana Helms: Can you tell us about how you got started doing what you’re doing now?
Lisa Mende designsLisa Mende: I graduated from Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1981 with a degree in home economics and a concentration in apparel design/fashion merchandising. I worked as a buyer for a regional clothing chain but the hours weren’t conducive to family life, so I reevaluated my options. I’d helped friends with their homes and returned to school for interior design in 1995 and launched my own design firm in 1998. I happily ran my residential design firm until 2009, but in May of that year I lost my 22 year old son to a kayaking accident on the Tallapoosa River near Auburn , Alabama. I was so devastated by his loss I was unable to work for two and half years. I truly thought I would never work again.

DD: What do you love most about what you do?
I absolutely adore fabrics, paints and various design styles, so to work in a profession where I can engage with all three is sheer heaven.

DD: What’s the proudest moment of your career?fabulous Lisa Mende designs
LM: Returning to work when I didn’t think I would ever work again was a proud moment but my proudest moment was being published last year in Traditional Home Magazine with my partner Traci Zeller for the Gentleman’s Dressing Room we designed in the Adamsleigh Show house in Greensboro,NC.

DD: Is there a project that you think of as your absolute best?
LM: I’ve been fortunate to design some amazing projects and one of my favorites was the Hooper- Kyser House which is the oldest house in Chapel Hill, NC. It was built by William Hooper who was the grandson of one of three North Carolinas who signed the Declaration of Independence. In the 50’s, it was bought by Kay Kyser, the famous band leader and his movie star wife, Georgian Carroll. I bought things like Kay Kyser’s original sheet music and had framed for the study. It was a fun project.

DD: Who/What inspires you?
LM: There are so many designers who inspire me like John Saladino, Barry Dixon, Kelly Weartsler, but Tobi Fairley has been my main inspiration. If it had not been for her, I might not be a designer today. She took me under her wing and had faith in me and in turn, I regained faith in myself. I had lost my passion during my grieving and Tobi helped me rekindle the desire to work again.

DD: Has social media changed how you do business?designer, blogger, style-spotter
LM: Before my sabbatical, I never photographed my work or had a website. Once I returned to work, I discovered that everyone engaged in social media and had to jump on the bandwagon. I think it’s good because it allows me to do business anywhere. I love to do e-design with virtual clients.

DD: What advice do you have for others struggling with social media?
LM: I suggest you try to be active on only three social media channels. You can’t be all things to all people, so hone in on what works for your business and do that. If social media isn’t your thing, hire an intern and let them handle it.  Make sure you convey your message in everything written if it represents you though.

DD: Can you tell us about what frustrates you about your career or the industry you’re in?
LM: Do it yourself shows on television makes people think that they should be able to get a project done in three days and for much less than it actually costs. I spend a lot of time educating clients.

DD: Tell us about the private Lisa?  – What do you love most about your home/life/family?
LM: Life is short so we must make the most of every moment. I love nothing more than sitting in the family room with my family, a fire and watching a favorite television show.

Lisa MendeDD: Tell us more about Lisa and what you have accomplished in 2013 that you set out to do and what’s on tap for 2014.
LM: I’ve always wanted to go to Europe but never had the opportunity. In 2013 not only Paris but also London. I was fortunate to receive an invitation from Design Trust led by Steve Nobel of NYC and then was invited to participate in Blogtour London with Modenus. It was an amazing September. In 2014, I have big news but not quite ready to share yet – hopefully soon.

DD: What’s the best advice you can give to someone following your career path?
LM: Get a good education followed by a great internship. It’s important to have a good education to learn history of design and the basics of good design but the real education starts when you are at the hem of an established working designer.

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11 Responses to “Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Lisa Mende”

  1. Lisa Kahn says:

    What a fabulous article about one of my favorite people. Beautifully done Dana and Lisa, you rock my world. As always. xoxo

    • Dana says:

      Thank you Lisa! I enjoy doing this for the reasons you all enjoy them. I get inspired. Refueled and helping each other get to the next level, writing the next chapter, and paying it forward for someone else to be moved by our stories. Stronger together and we are all doing great things! You ladies rock my world ever day!

  2. Lisa Mende says:

    Thank You Dana for allowing me to participate in Dishing with Dana. It means so much to be able to share my message with you and all of your readers! I feel very honored!

    • Dana says:


      All the thanks go to YOU! I appreciate you sharing your story with me and allowing me to share it! I can’t wait to see you in April! Giddy just typing and thinking about it!

      Xoxo – Dana

  3. Great interview and choice, Dana. I can’t learn enough about fabulous designer and person, Lisa Mende. (I’m not sure but I think it rhymes with Fendi.) I learned a few new things today about Lisa and about social media. As a social media neophyte myself, this is really wonderful. She’s a kind and generous mentor, supporter and sharer. And THAT’S mostly what I’ve learned about social media from her and the Modenus Blog Tour group.

    • Dana says:


      Thank you very much! Each time I get to do one of these I learn more and more about the wonderful folks in the industry! Lisa is a true gem for sure and what a blessing to have met her online! I actually get to meet her this market face to face and THAT will be a true treat for me!

      Thank you for reading and I appreciate your feedback!


  4. traci zeller says:

    Dana + Lisa = two of my favorites ever! And it looks like this got published right as Lisa shared her big news! 2014 has lots more amazing stuff in store for that very talented lady!

    • Dana says:


      Isn’t that just fun! Talk about divine timing! It was perfect and Lisa did not even tell me! We blanketed social media channels with her that day for sure! Looking forward to seeing you in High Point and I am thrilled for the both of you!


  5. Design Chic says:

    What a wonderful interview on one of our favorites – loved learning a little more about Lisa and discovering your great blog, Dana!

    • Dana says:


      Glad you found it and what a great introduction blog to fall upon!

      Lisa is a gem and I adore her. She is such an inspiration online through her social media channels and her blog!

      Stay tuned for more!


  6. I don’t know what’s more lovely… Lisa’s work, or Lisa herself. I’ll call it a lovely draw!!! (thanks for sharing your story so candidly and generously).

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