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Women In Business Networking

Women In Business Networking

Earlier this year Leigh Mitchell, Founder and President of the Women in Biz Network, invited me to join her and Wendy Morelli build their 2nd annual conference. The answer was an easy yes. As president of a women’s leadership organization in the home and furnishings industries …

What makes a good leader?

And while we’re asking, are you one? Whether anointed or self-appointed, leaders bring commitment, integrity and mission to make a difference. But what makes a truly great leader? Is it charisma? Is it the ability to stimulate change? Or is it something more? When I took the presidency of WithIt I had a lot of […]

share a piece of yourself

How to Write Great Content

Whether you call it content marketing or blogging, reaching out with stories humanizes companies. It makes big companies feel more approachable and small companies stronger. Free, easily shareable content attracts prospects …

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