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Share your expertise as a guest blogger

Have an abundance of ideas to share with the world? We’d love to hear them and help you reach a larger audience.

SocialNorth is a boutique communications firm. We’re focused on content, SEO and social media strategy and execution with experience in traditional PR as well. We’re focused on streamlining our clients’ messages across a variety of platforms – both traditional and new media.

share what you knowBut we don’t have all the answers and there are a lot of companies who need help – which is why we want to share YOUR expertise. SocialNorth is built on a strong foundation of reciprocity and we’re happy to help you get your message out into the world.

We don’t offer financial compensation for sharing with us but we’ll be happy to promote you any social media channels you choose. Have a look at our previous published blogs to see how many shares they get. Check out the social shares on Community managers and Hitchhiker’s Guide to SEO. In return we ask for previously unpublished work that directly relates to communications, both online and off, traditional and emerging media.

Guidelines for submission

Like any publication, we ask that you follow our submission guidelines. They make our job easier and help us publish your work faster.

Begin by making sure that your article (to the best of your knowledge) is factually correct. If you’re quoting sources, please include a link to their site as well. From there, have a little fun:

  • Treat your article as an exploration.
  • Be critical where it’s called for and tell it like it is.
  • Use clear, concise descriptions and focus on the take-aways.
  • Keep in mind that our readers visit us to learn and share information. The more details you provide, the more they’ll share your work.

reach your full potentialWhen sending your stories, articles and ideas, please include your bio and picture so we have it on hand. Please note, we publish photos with every tip/article/story. You can submit images via email.

Send your pitches pasted in the body of your email or as an attachment in a Word doc. We respond to all emails, but please be patient. If you haven’t heard from us within 1 week, feel free to follow up with an email.

Guest post suggestions

At SocialNorth, we banter around a lot of ideas: social media, business building, business leadership, traditional PR, brand building, guerilla marketing. If has to do with communications, we’re open to it.

Rather than creating a rigid editorial calendar, we’ve decided that hearing your story in your words is more important. We don’t want to dictate what our writers write about – we want you to write about what’s passionate to you. Even if that story is all about how you used social media in your business, we want to hear it.

If you have an idea, send it to us. Shoot us an email or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook – we’re almost always on.


Looking forward to hearing from YOU!


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