Introducing the A-Team of 140 Conference Ontario

Waterloo’s rainmakers, opinion leaders and all around rockstars

Back in the 80’s the A-Team rocked my world – every week at the same time. Who can forget the voiceover that launched each episode…

"A-Team"“Ten years ago (1972), a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team.”

Waterloo Region’s Twitter A-Team

Twitter does the same for me, every day, all the time. When a crack commando group of Twitter friends posed the possibility of bringing the 140 Conference to Ontario, I knew the Waterloo Region was the destination of choice.

What I hadn’t realized is how amazing each and every member of this team is and how hard they work to deliver excellence. The 140 Conference Team is made up of a group of individuals who have chosen to give their time, energy and, most of all, passion into bringing something truly wonderful to Waterloo.

And now, without further delay, it is my honour and pleasure to introduce you to my Twitter A-Team.

Lisa McDonald ~ Fearless Leader

Lisa McDonaldTweets as @Those2Girls, part of a Tiara wearing duo that organizes the Stuff To Do With Your Kids in KW weekly blast and co-hosts MeFest. When Lisa is not running to the arena or baseball diamond, as most Moms do, you can find her creating content for The Sign Depot or writing one of the many blogs that can be found on .

In 2010 she was quoted in Scott Stratten’s book Unmarketing, and was later listed as one of Canada’s 100 Most Digitally Connected Women. It’s a title she is proud of but would much rather refer herself as Everyone’s Cheerleader!

Julia Rosien ~ Emcee & Media Relations

Julia RosienJulia Rosien is the founder of GoGirlfriend, Chief Idea Officer of SocialNorth, and president-elect for A presenter at Blissdom Canada 2010 and Women in Biz 2011, she was also one of the founding supporters of CanWIT Waterloo and is on the board of advisors for She’s Connected 2011. Julia is an often requested guest speaker throughout Canada and the US to help companies and brands grow their business through the power of online communities. Drawing on her past experiences as editor of a national magazine, teacher at a women’s prison and local college and mother of 4, Julia believes wall have a voice. Social media gives us all an equal opportunity to be heard. Follow Julia on Twitter @JuliaRosien.

Trevor Cherewka ~ Sponsorships

Trevor CherewkaA self-proclaimed man about town, marketing dude and twitter addict. This schmoozologist with ninja skills has an uber Git-R-Done philosophy and reset the bar on tired so many times that he is now constantly awake.

In his professional life he is a partner at TiK ToK Media, Co-Founder of  the Grandelicious Food & Wine Show and the original guy behind Tweetstock. In his personal life he resides with his wife Tabitha of 17years, is a professional dad to 6 kids, coaches soccer, goes to church on Sunday and is an all-around really nice guy…just ask anyone.  He’s kind of a Medium Deal. Follow Trevor on Twitter @trevor_cherewka and @tweetstockca.

Rossana Wyatt ~ Speaker Outreach

Rossana has always loved the “wired” world, she jumped in when the ‘world wide web ‘was just starting in the 90’s, yes, that was 1990’s; she is a bit of a geek in that sense. An art lover and social media fanatic, Rossana loves learning, sharing and connecting with new people; social media is such a natural fit for her. As a creative and energetic online community manager for GoGirlfriend and director of media relations and communications for London Celebrates Canada, Rossana revels in the development of an idea and seeing it come together.

When she gets the chance, she loves traveling and discovering new adventures with her family, as well as learning new recipes while living Gluten free. Loves to laugh and can always be found with a huge smile. Follow Rossana on Twitter  @RossanaWyatt , @Gogirlfriend, @celebrateCanada or follow her adventures on BeingGlutenFree.

Benjamin Bach ~ Sponsorships

Benjamin BachBenjamin Bach spends his days helping clients buy and sell investment and commercial real estate in Waterloo Region. Currently serveing as Director at KW Commercial, a division of Keller Williams Golden Triangle Realty, he specializes in acquisition and disposition of investment real estate including apartment buildings, student housing, hotels, development land & NNN lease commercial buildings.

Benjamin has been sought out for his insights into business & marketing in the digital era. He  has written for international publications, appeared on TV & Radio, been quoted in national magazines, taught classes across the province, spoken for crowds at conferences and authored numerous articles. Follow Benjamin on Twitter @BenjaminBach and read his personal blog:

Matt Scobel ~ IT

Matt ScobelIn 2010, Matt put his passion for marketing and technology together to launch Project Macfrica, a non-profit initiative to establish Macintosh computer labs across Africa. With the first computer lab established, Matt’s focus is now on growing awareness for the project through social media and preparing fundraising efforts for the second trip in February, 2012.

You can follow Matt’s journey on Twitter @MattScobel and @ProjectMacfrica and read his personal blog:

Jason Dykstra ~ Events

Jason DykstraJason Dykstra is a lover of three things; Family, Conflict Resolution, and Travel. He has traveled extensively in the western provinces of our fine country (Canada) and the majority of the States as well. Jason works as a conflict resolution specialist with Absolution Mediation and specializes in helping people with relational issues move from conflict to creativity. He has a beautiful wife and son who vacations with him.

Follow Jason on Twitter @Jasondyk or read his personal blog: AbsolutionMediation.

Diane Morgan ~ Events

Diane MorganDiane is half of @Those2girls who loves wearing her tiara and volunteering. She co-hosts a Woman’s Show called MeFest – in its 7th season this October.Diane has just started twittering as  @1ofthose2girls. When she’s not on social media she  loves spending time with her husband and daughter . During the day Diane is an educational assistant with the Waterloo District School Board. She is fulfilling her passion that every child deserves to have an education. She has been doing this for the past six years and impacts the lives of many children with special needs and allows them to flourish under her care.

Diane was listed as one of Canada’s Most Digitally Connected Women last year.

Tricia Mumby ~ Speaker Outreach

Tricia MumbyTricia Mumby is one of the co-founders of Mabel’s Labels Inc. Mabel’s Labels markets and manufactures durable “Labels for the Stuff Kids Lose”. Doing business primarily online, the real-time web has proven to be a valuable sales channel as well as an essential business tool. Tricia and her business partners have been speakers and supports of #140Conf events for years.

Follow Tricia on Twitter @Mumby.

Kevin Magee

Kevin MageeKevin Magee is a serial entrepreneur with at least one more start-up left in him. He is also a senior sales executive, purveyor of Healthcare technologies, writer, community builder, charitable fundraiser, venture philanthropist, patron of the arts and all around good guy. 

An energetic community builder he serves as Vice Chairman of the Brantford Economic Development Advisory Committee, as a Hospital Ambassador for the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation and as Chairman of the Management Board for the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts.

He lives and works online and in Brantford at the Intersection of city life and country living with his wife, kids and pack of wild dogs. Follow Kevin on Twitter @KevinAMagee or visit his blog:

Dee Brun

Dee BrunAward Winning Author of Book, Libations of Life, A Girls Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time.

Resident Cocktail’ista on The Steven and Chris show on CBC. Home entertaining columnist Toronto Star Cocktail Chef & Stylist, Menu Development, Home Entertaining Guru, writer, humorist, wife, mother of 4, TV Junkie, shoe-aholic, boarder line George Clooney stalker.. hmm what else…

 I am old enough to remember making “Mixed Tapes” from the radio…My fave vacation spot is anywhere with a beach bar…and when I grow up I want to be Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City and marry George Clooney…IT COULD HAPPEN! Follow Dee on Twitter @CocktailDeeva or read her blog:

Caitlin Madden ~ Volunteer Coordination

Caitlin MadenCaitlin spends her days as the social media lady for Mabel’s Labels, a company that manufactures personalized and durable labels for the stuff kids lose. She has attended several #140 events in the past and has a good handle on how a day exploring the state of NOW should be run. You’ll see Caitlin feverishly sprinting around with her iPhone and ensuring everything is just as it should be on Sept 15. 

Follow Caitlin on Twitter @caitm & @mabelhood


Will you be at the 140 Conference in Waterloo on Sept 15, 2011? Want to keep track of all the tweet-ups and info between now and then? Fan us on Facebook/140confONT and follow our hashtag on Twitter: #140confONT.

4 Responses to “Introducing the A-Team of 140 Conference Ontario”

  1. Lisa Malcom says:

    To the A Team – I wish you all the best! I’m jealous and wish I could attend! I’m hoping to bring a #140 conference to Key West sometime soon! Best of luck!

    • Julia Rosien says:

      Lisa, with the awesomeness that you bring to everything you do, I’m sure the 140 Conference will be stopping in Key West in 2012.
      Go for it, girlfriend!

  2. Kevin Magee says:

    If we’re the A Team, then I’m clearly Murdock!

  3. sheila says:

    Nice to meet you all via this post, what a great bunch. Best of luck in everyone’s endeavors!

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