Who’s Talking about Julia Rosien & SocialNorth?

Folks who’ve worked with Julia agree – she’s a force of nature!


Jeff PulverI’m happy to put my name to a document that testifies about the incredible personal effort that you took on to bring #140conf to Ontario and how the energy and emotions and relationships and people came together with the heart needed to create a successful event.
In terms of the organizational skills that you shared, developed and leveraged, it was a great. You took a concept, made it your own, empowered others across Ontario and engaged in the development of bottom up community development. You did the impossible and make it probable. You gave life to a concept and improved the qualities of some people’s lives in the process, some by doing and some by speaking. Yes, you did all of this and more.
So if you need someone to say that you can take on a project of any size and run with it, you have my vote.
Jeff Pulver, Founder and Curator of 140 Conference

Leigh Mitchell“Julia has been a tremendous asset to the Women In Biz Network since 2011 providing a variety of services such as the development of our annual conference and executing the strategy for our website and social media outreach. Julia’s efforts have contributed to significant increases in web site traffic and social media engagement. Julia is an absolute pleasure to work with – extremely customer service focused while providing visionary leadership. Julia is also an extremely talented MC and speaker with a unique way of engaging and related to the audiences she presents to. I wholeheartedly recommend Julia and look forward to the continuation of our working relationship.”
Leigh Mitchell, President Women in Biz Network

“Julia is professional and inspiring with all projects she takes on. It was an honor to be interviewed by her for feature on GoGirlfriend.com and I enjoy all of the articles available on the site. I hope to work with Julia again soon. She’s amazing.”
Shannon Hurst Lane, President and CEO of TravelingMamas.com


Suzanna Keith“Julia is a truly a thought leader in not only the social media business, but also the travel industry. Her expertise in SEO is world renown. In addition, she is an amazing mentor and leader who truly teaches her team how to make a difference and be the best they can be.”
Suzanna Keith, Brand Director, EVP of OnlineMomMedia.com


Robert Quinn, Restonic “Julia is an outstanding, expert, digital marketing consultant. She tackles tough challenges with positive attitude, deliberate planning and timely implementation with measurable results.”
Robert Quinn, President at Restonic Sleep Products Inc.


Mike Shanks“We hired Julia at www.RunforLife.ca to get us up to speed and trained in the social media world. As a volunteer lead business it is always hard to make sure you have all the tools in your basket. Julia was able to work with the team and walk them through what they needed to do, provide easy to use tools, and a strategy to build a two way conversation platform using Twitter and Facebook. Julia’s easy going attitude and professional nature combine perfectly allowing her to make anyone feel comfortable at the table from a CEO to a board member to someone who doesn’t know what “The Twitter” is let alone how it works. If you are looking for someone that can show you how to leverage the two sided conversation of Social Media, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Julia.”
Mike Shanks, Franchisee at PropertyGuys.com

Pam Ross“I recently engaged Julia as the EmCee for our Impact99 Social Workplace Conference, and was so delighted with her performance, I have to recommend her for speaking and Master of Ceremony engagements! She was focused on ensuring our needs were met, on understanding the audience, and on keeping us on time. Her professionalism is perfectly balanced with a natural warmth and genuine energy that engages the audience instantly. She is awesome!”
Pam Ross, CHRP, Business Consultant at PamRoss.ca

Kathy Buckworth
“I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work with Julia on several occasions, including being on the same panel, and taking part in a conference she was organizing. Her optimism, creative energy and enthusiasm always make for a positive, and professional experience.”
Kathy Buckworth, award winning writer, public speaker, and television personality

Lisa McDonald“Sign Depot has been in the social sphere for the past few years, but the company was looking to take the online presence to the next level in terms of SEO and Google Rankings. I know that Julia possesses great expertise in this field and contacted her immediately. Within a very short period of time she was able to analyze our efforts and created strategies to achieve the goals that we had set out to do. I highly recommend Julia Rosien of SocialNorth to create a strategy for your social marketing.”
Lisa McDonald
, The Sign Depot

Scot Dalton“Julia came to us highly recommended by our lawyer. We invited Julia to assess our progress and each person’s role within the team. What followed was a tightening of focus to what we said we wanted to do in our social media plans to what we were actually doing. She identified areas for improvement and assisted in the hiring of another team member to shore up the entire structure. Julia understands online behavior and search engine requirements and how to marry those two forces to create success. I am happy to recommend her work on EstateDebate to others facing similar opportunities within the social media environment.”
Scot Dalton, CEO at ERAssure.com

“Julia, thank you so much for inviting me to WIBN 2012 Conference. I had a wonderful time. The caliber of audience that you attract is tremendous. Your social media savvy is amazing. Then again, I was never really worried. I felt at ease long before the event as your warmth, energy, humour and attention to detail spoke volumes. I would hang up the phone and think to myself, ‘How does she remember everything and get everything done so quickly?’ I would work with you again in a heartbeat!”

Judy Croon, Motivational Humorist

Tricia Mumby“Julia Rosien and I worked closely while curating the topics and speakers of the very first #140Conf in Canada in September 2011. I was completely impressed with Julia’s reliability, professionalism and thoroughness, that I felt compelled to write a recommendation. I would work with Julia on any project. She is never overwhelmed. She is very strategic with her time and energy. She is extremely diplomatic and 100% reliable. If Julia Rosien has a deadline or task, you can be sure it will be done in a timely and precise manner. I wish her luck in the future and know her clients will be impressed with her work.”
Tricia Mumby, Owner, Mabel’s Labels

“Our work with Julia was the best marketing investment we have ever made. We have been able to provide exposure of the social media world and plan our strategy and execution with a cross functional team thanks to Julia’s coaching sessions. – Great approach – Great value – fantastic knowledge base!”
Todd Youngblood, President at Chili Technology

Margaret Casey“Julia is an experienced and engaging Social Media veteran. People naturally gravitate to her and always give positive feedback about their interaction with her. I am very confident to recommend her if you need to develop strategies to manage your social media needs.”
Margaret Casey, Director of Progamming World Market Center



Michelle Lamb“Julia has done an excellent job of guiding WithIt as the organization worked to raise its profile and attract members who are interested in both connecting and contributing. She has led well and served well.”
Michelle Lamb, Editorial Director Trend Curve


Catherine Frinier“I became aware of Julia Rosien through our mutual membership and participation in the trade organization, Women in the Home Industries Today (WITHIT). As a master of marketing, communications and social media, Julia took the helm as President of WITHIT, where she played a large part in evolving the organization’s presence and branding via intelligent and strategic use of social networks. Her enthusiasm for life and her passion for her collaborative volunteer work through WITHIT and its members, was evident each and every day she served as President, and now as she continues in her new role as Chairperson. Thank you, Julia!”
Catherine Frinier, Principal + Managing Partner / FrinierAtelier and the Richard Frinier Collection

Mary Frye“As President of WithIt, Julia used her unique talents for the organization’s benefit. Julia is a gifted communicator, knowledgeable social media/technology proponent and gracious in sharing her abilities with others. Any interaction with Julia will produce results…and will be fun because of her personality and sense of humor!”
Mary Frye, President at HFIA

Lisa Hanly“Julia being the president of WithIt is one of the best things that ever happened to the group. Her social media skills and ability to communicate well and inclusively brought members into the group while also encouraging current members to care and become more involved. I am thrilled to call Julia a friend as her enthusiasm for life is infectious and also reminds those she works with to strive for the best in both their professional careers and personal lives. I will find ways to continue to work with Julia throughout my career!”
Lisa Hanly, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Furniture Brands International

Lisa Ferguson“It has been pleasure to get to know Julia through Withit and social media and its clear Julia is a pro with social media. Julia is the consummate connector in the furniture industry both online and off! She is a great facilitator of connecting women to each other at events.”
Lisa Ferguson, Principal, Senior Interior Designer at Lisa Ferguson Interior Design and Decor Mentor

Kelly Peterson“Julia did an outstanding job of moving WithIt to the next level.
She was organized, helpful and a delightful leader for the non-profit.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Kelly Peterson, Group Advertising Director at Hearst Corporation


Cathy Smith“Julia’s inspired leadership of WithIt increased not only the membership but the value of the organization to its constituents: members, sponsors and the industry as a whole. She brought her own unique style to the presidency, but her ability to step back and see the larger picture from many vantage points meant that she could remain flexible and grow her own leadership as she learned more about the needs of the membership and the home industries.”
Cathy Smith, Director of Design and Merchandising at De Leo Textiles

Stephanie Lowder“Who would you choose? To inspire a group of people to be what they know they could be?

Personally, I would choose someone who who believes in cause and effect. Someone who absolutely identifies with the group’s cause. Someone who understands that leadership is solving problems, and leadership is constant learning.

Julia Rosien is extremely gifted with presence, poise and intellect. She’s a great speaker and a great writer—someone who can say things. She’s a deeply human and caring individual, who employs the beauty of thought and language, feelings and spirit, to inspire people.

It’s been my privilege to work with Julia Rosien in WithIt–a women’s leadership development organization devoted to strengthening opportunity for females in largely male-led industries. Our membership encompasses all of North America. All initiatives are volunteer, and members juggle other demanding careers and obligations. There is every opportunity to lose focus and effect.

So who would you choose? To preside over the advancement of such a complex business and important cause? Given the opportunity to suggest a candidate for leadership, I suggested Julia Rosien.

Should you have need of a leader to represent an endeavor of great potential impact for many lives, I suggest Julia Rosien. She’s a leader, a learner, a symbol—with the uncommon ability to imagine, think, speak, and then write on our hearts the thing that unites us and takes us forward.”
Stephanie Lowder, Rare Bird Creative

Mary Leigh Howell“Julia is a talented, professional social media strategist and editor. The thousands of people who follow her every online move are a testament to her leadership in this field. She uses her digital influence to the betterment of her clients and her colleagues, bringing together disparate parties for mutual gain. I’ve consulted with her on many occasions for social media projects and highly recommend her as a resource to my own clients.”
Mary Leigh Howell, Freelance PR at Mary Leigh Howell

Judy George“As President of WithIt Julia did an outstanding job with the exciting marketing and branding efforts designated for Social Media. With her team Julia will be launching a new website at the annual conference to encourage and attract the new WithIt group destined to be very influential within WithIt in the upcoming years. Julia expresses a deep passion for mentoring young women whereby they feel listened to, nurtured through a difficult industry environment, and guide them to building their brand within the Home Furnishing Industry.”
Judy George, Principal of Judy George International

Libby Langdon“I just want to write a quick note to say how amazing it is to work with Julia Rosien!! Her ideas and approach to business are always innovative and fresh and her experience and know-how are unparalleled. Those incredible qualities combined with her boundless energy, focus and drive make her a powerhouse that’s making a difference in our industry. I will continue working with Julia, learning much more from her along the way and having a fantastic time while doing so!”
Libby Langdon, Principal of Libby Langdon Interiors



Ron Fine“I had the pleasure of working with Julia in late 2010, when GoGirlfriend.com reviewed the Pantages Hotel, Martini Bar and Shizen Spa – properties for which I was managing media at the time.
Julia was professional in her approach, and provided a fair and balanced review. She was also extremely personable and, as mentioned, a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to collaborate with her again.”
Ron Fine, Media Strategist


As Director of Communications at Natura

Larry Klein“It was a real treat to work with Julia, a high energy social media expert who took us from ground zero to a prominent and leader position in our industry. Gave us a competitive edge in our bedding industry.”
Larry Klein, EVP for Natura World Inc


Catherine Arkema“Julia is an extraordinary, talented, and positive person to know personally or professionally. Having worked closely with her at Natura, I learned a great deal about Social Media and the exposure it can bring.
Julia was an amazing teacher, as she brought forth change and excitement to Natura and all who was connected to company. Leading seminars, and talks – Julia created a new world for dealers, reps, consumers to connect with Natura.
Not only did Julia break ground with our Social Media and PR but she was the voice of Natura in all modes communication. Spreading positive messages like leading the Pillows for Troops campaign which supported our Troops in Afghanistan by providing them with Natura Travel Pillows. This campaign was featured Nationally.
Julia gets to know her clients, and becomes the voice they would otherwise not have. She is charismatic, charming and is someone that’s not forgotten.
Catherine Arkema, Creative Director, Sketchbook Design

Shannon Markle“Julia Rosien is a vibrant and inspirational manager, infusing the work environment with abundant creative energy and laser sharp focus. She carefully nurtures the natural ability of those she manages and fosters top quality work product by providing clear direction and positive feedback. Her passion for social media marketing and online community building is infectious. Working with Julia promises the cultivation of new skills, the growth of skill sets and an exciting foray into the big wide digital world. I’m incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Julia, and learn from her experience, knowledge and initiative.”
Shannon Markle, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager, Natura World Inc.

“In the couple of years that I worked with Julia, I found her to be professional, knowledgeable, approachable and very enthusiastic about her work. She has a strong passion and exuberance for life. I wish her well.”
Adele Kesselring, Human Resources for Natura World Inc

“I’ve known Julia for over two years and worked closely with her over the past year+ at Natura. We collaborated on numerous marketing and communications projects for the Baby & Kidz division and I can tell you, her sense of style and ease with the written word is amazing. She is an extremely engaging speaker, with a well-tuned sense of “what it takes” to be successful in social media and the impact it has on our businesses today. Her enthusiasm, her smile and her positive attitude are contagious!
I would recommend Julia with her many talents to any company, particularly those that care about improving their bottom-line through the proper use of social media. Businesses would be making the right choice in engaging her new company, SocialNorth to ensure they are taking the right steps toward their future!”
Robin Martinez, Director of Sales and Marketing ~ Baby and Kids Division, Natura World

Barbara Nelles, Senior Writer, ISPA“When I die, I’d like to come back as Julia Rosien. There is so much to admire in Julia. She is a creative, tireless go-getter with tons of marketing and social media savvy—And what a good writer, too. Keep on keeping on, Julia! Oh, and did I mention she’s a runner? Of course she runs. [Please, God, may I come back with her knees, too.]”
Barbara Nelles, senior writer, International Sleep Products Association


“Three Things come to mind regarding Julia:
1. Extremely professional
– Knows her business
– Quick and efficient
2. Passionate about what she does
– Approaches each day with energy and excitement
3. Sharing
– Provides ideas
– Passes along great information”
Steve Glucksman, Vice President, Art Van Furniture

Dale Read, Associate Editor, Bedroom Magazine“Julia….Is extremely professional, thorough, personable and knowledgeable of all aspects of contemporary business and issue communications. She is a leader in the pioneering field of social networking media and high technology communications….plus she is personally committed to the mission of her company: healthier, safer and better sleep solutions for consumers.”
Dale Read, Associate Publisher, BEDROOM Magazine

Susan Inglis, Executive Director, SFC“Julia is brilliant in the art of succinct communication, which is bound to be one of the reasons she makes such excellent use of her rich social media networks. She is poised and warm, responsive and generous, and deeply committed to being effective in promoting the causes and the brands that matter most. It is a great pleasure to work with her!”
Susan Inglis, executive director, Sustainable Furnishings Council


Mark Quinn, VP of Marketing, Leggett & Platt“I have worked with Julia for a short period but have already been exposed to her incredibly creative approach to business. I enjoy working along side of people like Julia because they inspire me to think differently and to look at things with new perspective. Julia is not afraid to jump into new situations and contribute. She is confident with what she knows but has a sweet humility about her as well. In short, Julia gets it. She is a leader and a worker at the same time and has a lot of passion for what she does. She is also one of those people you can be around for a short period of time and feel like you have known her for a long time. I really appreciate how comfortable she makes others. I am a big fan already and look forward to being around her and learning from her on the Better Sleep Council.”
Mark Quinn, Segment Vice President of Marketing, Leggett and Platt

Cindy Williams, VP of Retail Strategy, Info Retail“Julia is a true professional! Besides being an expert in her field of creating and implementing social media and online strategies, she is well respected as a communicator and facilitator. I have worked with Julia as a board member for WithIt and within the mattress industry and have constantly been impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. I highly recommend Julia to anyone seeking to gain an understanding of internet processes and strategies.”
Cindy Williams, Vice President of Retail Strategy, Info Retail

Chris Chamberlin, Co-owner The Clean Bedroom“I’ve worked with some of the best communications people in the business and Julia tops the chart. Her energy and enthusiasm are electrifying and invigorating. You simply cannot work with her and not want to do your best, smile your widest. Julia is honest and trustworthy, humble and full of integrity. Her expertise in social media, web development and retail make her a huge asset. She works as hard as she plays and takes her role as mom and wife just as seriously as her work. There’s only one Julia Rosien.”
Chris Chamberlin, Co-owner, The Clean Bedroom

Stephanie Stine, Marketing Assistant, C.R. Laine Furniture“Although I have only had the pleasure of interacting with Julia over the last few short months, she has done nothing short of astound me with her knowledge of social media and its relation to the industry. She is a very creative, determined individual that knows what it takes to stay ahead of the game. As a follower of her work, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to learn from Julia’s insightful discussions of marketing strategies for targeting today’s demographic of technologically-advanced consumers. Julia is an absolute delight to be around with her vivacious personality and positive attitude, and I am thankful to be connected with her.”
Stephanie Stine, Marketing Assistant & Co-Chairperson of Sustainability Committee, C.R. Laine Furniture Company

John Strauss, Owner Strauss Furniture“Julia Rosien is someone whose work I first saw on Twitter and Facebook and then had the pleasure of meeting in person. Whether on social media or personally, Julia is remarkable for her knowledge (ie. SEO), her positive energy and enthusiasm for the task at hand. She is a person that makes others around her feel better and do well and her creative spark at marketing Natura has effect beyond a sense of business, crossing over to motivated personal commitment to the product and brand. That kind of effective message is I think the only way to go in the new world of social media and Julia seems completely at home in it as a trusting resource and messenger. If I owned a company that Julia worked for I would consider myself a very lucky man.”
John Strauss, Owner, John Strauss Furniture Design, Ltd.

“Julia Rosien is a professional in her field and I have called on her several times for advice with my business. Her methods are precise and her follow through is close to perfection. I would highly recommend Julia to someone in need of her skills.”
Shane Mutter, Owner, Doerr Furniture, Bedding Plus, and Hestia Luxury in Linens

“Julia has demonstrated a unique ability to facilitate effective communication between all levels of business, from manufacturing through to the most important aspect, the retail customer. Julia speaks to all generations through her energetic and friendly approach. I look forward to working more with Julia in the future!”
Dylan Buchfink, Part-Owner, The Mattress & Sleep Company

John Lusher, Digital Media Consultant“I imagine the roll of Director of Communications as someone that can connect and has the ability to clearly communicate the mission of a company to its clients, potential clients as well as the general public. Julia Rosien embodies each of these qualities and excels at making those important connections! I have gotten to know Julia through our virtual connections on Twitter and Facebook and am proud to be a champion of her work at Natura. She is using all of the tools at her disposal to promote health sleep and to convert others to the world of Nutura. The Duchess of Sleep as she is affectionately called, has creatively used “bed-head” photos, YouTube videos and her incredible personality to further her brand. Along the way, she has built an incredible network that is invaluable. I whole-heartidly recommend Julia; a human dynamo! John Lusher”
John Lusher, Social & Digital Media Consultant, John Lusher Consulting

Rose Leahy, Customer Liason for Protect-a-Bed“I have had the pleasure of working with Julia for some time now in the industry, both learning from her as well as going to her for advice. She is hardworking, insightful, organized, and creative. She is fun to be around, and has a way of drawing people in. I often find myself wondering what she will come up with next! I recently had the opportunity to listen to Julia speak at the Furniture Today Bedding Conference. I enjoyed her presentation, and learned some great social media tips. It is inspiring to see such a strong female in our industry. I look forward to working with Julia more in the future, and would strongly recommend her.”
Rose Leahy, Customer Liaison, Protect-A-Bed

Mark Dentale, NY Territory Manager, Natura World Inc.“Julia and I work together at Natura World in different departments but on the same mission. Organic bedding in today’s world is relevant, however difficult in today’s economy. Julia communicates to our sales team as well as our customer and end user base, using both direct communication as well as the social medias. A natural teacher, Julia’s artistic writing skills communicate our message with social grace, unique perspective, comedy, and product detail. Julia is unique in that her writing communicates not only the message at hand, but her bright and alive outlook on life. A true talent, Julia brings an enormous asset to this company, and is a delight to work with!”
Mark Dentale, New York Metro Territory Manager, Natura World Inc.

Jessica Koster, Commercial Manager, BiOH“Julia is one of the most creative communications and marketing professionals that I know. The energy and passion that she puts behind spreading the message about Natura products is endless. She balances the need for education with fun and engages others in that process. Julia has deep knowledge of social media and is constantly creating new ways to leverage these tools for her brand. I continue to learn so much from her!” April 23, 2009
Jessica Koster, Marketing Manager, BiOH Polyols, Cargill

eMedia & Geosign

Anja Sonnenberg, Online Editor, Geosign“Julia has tremendous talent, drive, and passion for what she does. She was always willing to make the time to share her knowledge and lend a helping hand, even when she was under tight deadlines. She is an outstanding leader, who has an incredible way of motivating the people she works with through her positive attitude and sense of humor. Her ability to maintain her focus and look beyond upcoming deadlines to ensure she’s working towards the end goal, allow her to keep the project on track, even if there are a few bumps along the way. I would embrace the opportunity to work with her again.”
Anja Sonnenberg, Online Editor, Geosign

Bram Lebo, Founder & Managing Director, Expatica“I worked with Julia for a relatively short time but it was enough to know I’d want to work with her again. A great listener, creative, insightful, resourceful and determined (not to mention a first-rate editor), Julia is that reliable professional you want on your team. I loved her optimism and common sense approach – great qualities that are an asset to any organization.”
Bram Lebo, Founder & Managing Director, Expatica (www.expatica.com)


Angelique Mohring“Julia and I worked and traveled together as collegues for nearly a year. I could always depend upon Julia for her professionalism, incredibly positive and consistent approach to her work and for her remarkable creativity. Julia always had the support of her teammates, her peers and management. She continually strives to grow both professionally and personally in everything that she does and in doing so – inspires many people around her. She is not simply a “great asset” to any company – her loyalty, dedication, smarts, and drive to make things happen set her far, far apart. I would recommend her for any job – as a quick learner and a terrific leader who can take on conflict, change and even chaos with grace – she would be able to adapt to and master any role she set her mind to.”
Angelique Mohring, Editor-in-Chief/Project Manager, Geosign Publishing

David Watkins, VP Digital MRX“Julia’s work ethic and enthusiasm are quite infectious. She is a very talented writer and valued colleague. Her smile and sunny demeanor make her a pleasure to work with and be around. I would highly recommend her.”
David Watkins, VP, Digital, MRX


Charmian Christie, Travel Writer“Julia steered the editorial vision but allowed her writers creative freedom. She respected our individual voices yet managed to give the publication a cohesive tone.”
Charmian Christie, Travel Writer, Geosign Corporation

Ann Douglas,Author; Creator of The Mother of All Books® series, Mom Media - Page One Productions Inc. “Julia frequently contacted me to ask me to comment on pregnancy-related topics while she was the editor of one of the pregnancy news departments at ePregnancy magazine. I was consistently impressed by her warmth and professionalism and her commitment to providing her readers with both accurate information and an interesting new take on subjects that they might have read about a dozen or more times before. I would highly recommend Julia for any writing or editing position in the lifestyle, parenting, or women’s health category because she has a great deal of experience working in these areas. She also has an extensive network of contacts who are delighted to pick up the phone when Julia is making the call — simply because it’s Julia.”
Ann Douglas, Author; Creator of The Mother of All Books® series, Mom Media — Page One Productions Inc.

Marjorie Osterhout, Freelance Writer , Independent “As a freelance writer, I produced quite a few short features and book reviews for Julia, who was my editor at ePregnancy Magazine. Julia ranks among my favorite all-time editors. Not only is she a lovely human being, but as an editor she’s incredibly responsive to emails and phone calls, and is happy to be an active part of the creative process. I’m a freelancer, so I work with many editors at different publications, and Julia is top of the heap in my book!”
Marjorie Osterhout, Freelance Writer , Independent

Edwina Lewis, Professional Writer“Julia is multi-talented and multi-faceted. As a writer, she is creative and knows how to keep her audience interested from the first sentence to the last. As an editor, she is a stickler for what she needs, but she is diplomatic and patient and works with a writer until she feels she has the best product. She is a great team player, but she also has an incredible ability to initiate projects and work independently. I highly recommend Julia for any project or position that involves writing or editing.”
Edwina Lewis, Professional Writer, Editor, Photographer & Researcher, Edwina K Lewis, Writer/Editor

“Julia Rosien is an extremely capable editor and writer. She handled her many responsibilities, from writing feature articles to managing her own group of freelance writers to editing, without having to be micro-managed. She always finished her work on time, and everything she did was done with excellence and an attention to detail that made my job much easier. She is not only a talented writer, but also a very organized manager and skilled editor, and it’s always been a joy to work with her.”
Misty Bott, Managing Editor, Majestic Media

“Julia communicated clearly about assignments and responded to submissions quickly. She gave helpful feedback and was open to new ideas.”
Charmian Christie, Writer, Self-employed

Gayle Buske, President and CEO, Team Double-Click “Julia is an excellent editor in my eyes. Several times I accepted assignments from her and even as a writer, I can honestly say she changed my writing for the better! She is keen on making sure every word flows well to give the written work the best image possible for the reader!”
Gayle Buske, President and CEO, Team Double-Click

Susie Galvez, Independent Professional, Author, Speaker and Beauty Industry Expert “I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Julia on a few of her writing assignments. I found her stories to be honest, inspiring and fun! It was my pleasure to consider for her assignments. She is a great writer who knows how to get the story done! Susie Galvez, author, speaker, and beauty industry expert” May 3, 2008
Susie Galvez, Independent Professional, Author, Speaker and Beauty Industry Expert

2 Responses to “Who’s Talking about Julia Rosien & SocialNorth?”

  1. Denise says:

    (Not sure if you want this posted on here and I won’t be offended if you don’t post it – I just thought that maybe the world would like to hear a little bit about the “non” professional side of you)
    I’d like to say a wee something about (you) Julia albeit personal opposed to professional – if I may…..
    I have not “worked” with Julia although I have had the pleasure of meeting her and spending a little personal time with her. After readng the above statements and proclamations about how professional you (Julia) are I’d like to say that your sincerity, enthusiasm, honesty and your love for life simply oozes (for lack of a better term) from you. When I watch your daughter, she looks at you with such love and admiration and she aspires to be like her Mom. You have 4 children all of whom I am pleased to have met and each one I personally think are a credit to you & Stacey. You have obviously instilled excellent core values and pride for accomplishments in your children. Your positive, forward-thinking attitude definitely shines through and has apparently had great affect on the lives of your children. Your glorious smile lights up a room and one has no choice but to smile with you!

    Best of luck to you, Julia!! I wish you with all sincerity a most enjoyable, challenging (only because I know you would wilt without challenge) and prosperous future!!!!

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