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2012 Bedding Forecast from Furniture Today

At the annual Winter Las Vegas Marketplace (#LVMkt – twitter), SocialNorth was present as Furniture Today released their 2012 Consensus Bedding Forecast. Using data from their polling of 30 vendors and CEO’s, ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) forecasts and balancing with economic conditions, Furniture Today delivered their take

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert ~ Twitter Rockstar or Just Plain Smart?

Roger Ebert may have lost his speaking voice but instead of giving up, he harnessed the tools of blogging and twitter to be his new voice in continuing to spread his movie perspectives.

140 Conference Ontario

Social Media Conferences – What’s the ROI?

Trust me, it’s more than the swag… With each conference I attend, I try to clearly define the take-away (even if only in my own mind) to help me decide if it will be on my agenda next month or next year. After falling off a subway car and spilling an expensive bottle of olive oil (swag) on […]

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

I try to live a good life, free from temptation and sin…well mostly. I try to do what’s right online too and to help my clients do the same. But that’s tricky some days. There’s got to be a short-cut to get some of this social collateral we’re all working so hard for, right?

Twitter is Such a Tool

Whether it’s a hammer or Twitter, a tool is only as good as the person wielding it. Social media is no different. Just like a hammer can help construct buildings or break thumbs, social media can help businesses reach more customers or drive them away.

Your Business on Facebook

I remember the early days of Facebook (for me that was 2006). Back then, nurturing friendship was more important than numbers. And it wasn’t about brands or branding – the almighty “Like” button hadn’t even been dreamed of yet …

Blog Like You Mean It

The best blogging advice I received (way back in 2006) was to blog like someone was actually going read my stuff. I was transitioning from the world of print where some of my stories were read by hundreds of thousands of people. Women’s Health, The Boston Globe, Chicken Soup for the Soul ring a bell? Now I was writing for….my coworkers, my husband and my mom …

Google Content Farmer – Wreaking Havoc on Retailers

On February 24, Google did a little housecleaning in the produce aisle. In an effort to do a better job serving up what people actually want, they released a new algorithm (affectionately called “Panda” by in-house developers). The effects were immediate …

Dove – Real Beauty, Real Smart

Successful marketers know how to strike a nerve. Make you laugh, weep, think of someone you love. But what happens when you innovate the industry you’re competing in and show the other marketers there’s another way of doing it?

Facebook and your Medical Practice

Putting a doctor, dentist or any other medical professional on Facebook is tricky. Brands often face customer service questions, which can be challenging, but not nearly as challenging as medical issues.

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