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what makes a good writer

Are You a Good Writer?

Writing comes from somewhere deep inside of you and needs protecting. For some of us, sharing our writing is like getting naked in public. For my prison students, that was easy – judgement wasn’t new to them. For the rest of us, the story is a little different …

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview Lisa Ferguson

We’re honored to welcome Lisa Ferguson, interior designer, collaborator and mentor.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Tweet Drunk

The Twitter buzz buster There are a few things you shouldn’t do after cracking open a cold one. Calling your ex would be number one but tweeting ranks a close second. Actually the more I think about it, calling your ex might be a safer bet than tweeting while under the influence… You might think […]

How to End Client Relationships Positively

For many social media professionals, ending client relationships is simply part of the business. If you work at the strategy level, once that’s defined and staff is given their marching orders, it’s time to move on …

digital barn-raising to build community

An Old Fashioned Barn Raising – Online

How do you nurture relationships in business and in life? Social media’s is about investing in relationships. With the right tools on the right networks and the right resources, your business can enjoy a digital barn raising that helps build your business today and sustain it into the future.

best practices for your brand's marketing strategy

Do You Disclose Sponsored Tweets, Updates & Posts?

Almost all social media sites use paid advertising messages as part of their revenue model. Individual bloggers, myself included, work with brands to promote products or services through those social media channels. Sometimes the nature of those messages is unclear, but that’s about to change with a renewed interest by the FTC …

creating the content strategy

How to Rock Your Content Marketing Strategy

Companies that have embraced content marketing have been awarded a strong, loud voice. It’s allowed them to reach directly into the hearts of their consumers, long before the buying process begins. I’ve had some clients see more than a 300% growth in website traffic in less than 3 months …

how do I blog creatively

Unblocking Writer’s Block ~ For Bloggers

All writers and bloggers have experienced writer’s block at one point or another. If you’re blogging for business, it can be stressful to have a deadline looming and inspiration coming from nowhere. Blogging for business can be tricky because while the content is focused on the brand, the personal, intimate voice of the blogger is what makes it sharable …

brand ambassadorship

Brand Ambassadorship & Blogging

When it comes to writing about (and endorsing) products, the line bloggers walk can be as treacherous as walking across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. Balance is important but determination, faith and focus on the end game also contribute to whether you’ll drop in the drink or make it to the other side safely …

What makes a good leader?

And while we’re asking, are you one? Whether anointed or self-appointed, leaders bring commitment, integrity and mission to make a difference. But what makes a truly great leader? Is it charisma? Is it the ability to stimulate change? Or is it something more? When I took the presidency of WithIt I had a lot of […]

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