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What do you blog about

“How To” Blogging Basics

Blogs are chameleons. Companies use them to communicate and interact with clients, stakeholders and even suppliers. Newspapers and magazines use them to offer an alternate view of the news. Individuals use them to help create their personal brand online …

how not to seo

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the SEO Galaxy

Search engines are big business and they have a responsibly to online searchers. If they don’t deliver relevant content, they lose searchers to their competitors. Getting found online is all about understanding what the search engines want …

share a piece of yourself

How to Write Great Content

Whether you call it content marketing or blogging, reaching out with stories humanizes companies. It makes big companies feel more approachable and small companies stronger. Free, easily shareable content attracts prospects …

GoGirlfriend Case Study #3

GoGirlfriend Case Study #3 examines Amazon Kindle vs the Sony eReader as a product review article and how a customers research patterns affect article traffic results.

GoGirlfriend Case Study #2

GoGirlfriend Case Study #2 examines the article “5 Nudist Resorts that will Blow Your Mind” as it explores resorts around the world in a manner that is engaging with it’s community as it links heavily with other relevant traffic points.

GoGirlfriend Case Study #1

GoGirlfriend Case Study #1 examines the article “Tourist Kidnappings on the Rise in Mexico” as it pulls in top spot for most reviewed post.

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