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Simple Social Media Marketing

The Emotional Side of Social Media

When I first jumped onto Twitter in 2007, I expected an experience similar to the bulletin boards and forums I used when I was an editor for ePregnancy. They were my sources for the answers, quotes and trends I needed to develop excellent content. As 2008 turned into the year that almost crashed our economy, every resource became precious …

Barbara Viteri ~ Rise cover

Dishing Dana ~ Interview with Entrepreneur, Barbara Viteri

We’re honored to welcome back Barbara Viteri, AKA @ViteriStyle to SocialNorth. Barbara provides practical business management solutions to the modern day working interior designer …

Friends Don’t Let Friends Tweet Drunk

The Twitter buzz buster There are a few things you shouldn’t do after cracking open a cold one. Calling your ex would be number one but tweeting ranks a close second. Actually the more I think about it, calling your ex might be a safer bet than tweeting while under the influence… You might think […]

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Twitter True Story ~ Charting a Course for Success

We’re honored to welcome Michelle Mangen, AKA @MMangen, to SocialNorth. Michelle’s a 6-figure virtual assistant, single mom who loves Latin dancing, iTunes, books and horses. She’s the oldest of 7 kids from Wisconsin and now lives in Sarasota, Florida …

Twitter True Story ~ The Convergence of Personal & Professional

I’ve been on Twitter since 2006 and, while I admit that I hadn’t a clue what it was, how I would benefit or how I would give back to my community, I realized it was a necessity for my business growth. I’ve since developed a far greater understanding of the benefits of social media, personally and professionally. Social media has changed …

networking is my oxygen

The Art of Marketing Conference, Toronto

Networking and skill-building are my most essential tasks – every single day – because in my industry, stagnating is moving backward. Enter the almighty conference, still one of my favorite ways to learn, grow and meet other entrepreneurs …

Pam's Twitter tips

Twitter True Story ~ Social Media & Entrepreneurialism

Through Twitter, I developed a new network of courageous, risk-taking, supportive business owners who openly shared their stories online. Many of them were people just like me, who had felt the same way I did, and had found a new “lease on life” by starting their own business …

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Interior Designer, Barbara Viteri

We’re honored to welcome Barbara Viteri, AKA @ViteriStyle to SocialNorth. Barbara provides practical solutions to interior designers running a boutique style business …

Lisa Kahn with Chelsea House

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Interior Designer, Lisa Kahn

SocialNorth introduces Lisa Kahn, AKA @LisaLKahn, to Dishing with Dana. Lisa is an ASID luxury interior design expert, product designer, trend-spotter, writer, unabashed optimist and pixie dust spreader. Check out Dana’s interview …

Kathy Ireland, Julia Rosien and Betty-Lynn Eller

The Art of Effective Business Networking

How do you transform your social media networks into a powerful, sustainable community? You take them offline, face-to-face, every chance you get. I connect with people online for the same reason I join networking groups – because we share similar interests or we have a similar focus in business.

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