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Building Your Site’s Popularity & Relevance

You’ve invested money, resources and creativity into building your great idea of a site, yet no one’s coming. You need to be found. The concept of FINDABILITY needs a strategy as part of your company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program …

Google Content Farmer – Wreaking Havoc on Retailers

On February 24, Google did a little housecleaning in the produce aisle. In an effort to do a better job serving up what people actually want, they released a new algorithm (affectionately called “Panda” by in-house developers). The effects were immediate …

5 SEO Tips

Think of SEO as the very picky head chef of the Internet. Whether human visitors or bots, SEO dishes up the best of the best – it’s as much about the presentation of the meal as it is about the taste.

How can SocialNorth help you?

Here at Social North, we offer a full-service suite of social media findability and community engagement that will help you identify, understand and reach your online goals.

SEO ~ Search Engine Optimization

Even through the clutter of social networking sites and blogs, Search Engine Optimization remains the simplest and surest method of shining a spotlight on your site. SEO gets you found online – as well as offering a springboard for social media and traditional marketing. How do you know if your potential customers are finding you instead of your competition?

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