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Google Content Farmer – Wreaking Havoc on Retailers

On February 24, Google did a little housecleaning in the produce aisle. In an effort to do a better job serving up what people actually want, they released a new algorithm (affectionately called “Panda” by in-house developers). The effects were immediate …

5 SEO Tips

Think of SEO as the very picky head chef of the Internet. Whether human visitors or bots, SEO dishes up the best of the best – it’s as much about the presentation of the meal as it is about the taste.

Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #3

Communities need nurturing, not managing. In this case study, online communities are supported by bloggers who tested products and then shared their experiences with the world. With more than 50 bloggers in its community, the word of mouth spread like a grassfire.

Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #2

With a clear understanding that the best marketing messages are entertainment launching a Facebook campaign should be about fun first. Supporting it with advertising is second.

Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #1

In late 2009, a retailer from Winnipeg approached this manufacturer about sending pillows to soldiers serving in Afghanistan in honor of a former employee who had recently died while serving there. He wanted to send 7,500 pillows (and a postcard with each one) to Canadian soldiers …

Mattress Manufacturer Case Studies Overview

This manufacturer hosts busy communities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN using social media best practices and proven SEO. Learn how this company optimizes social networking… 

GoGirlfriend Case Study #3

GoGirlfriend Case Study #3 examines Amazon Kindle vs the Sony eReader as a product review article and how a customers research patterns affect article traffic results.

GoGirlfriend Case Study #2

GoGirlfriend Case Study #2 examines the article “5 Nudist Resorts that will Blow Your Mind” as it explores resorts around the world in a manner that is engaging with it’s community as it links heavily with other relevant traffic points.

GoGirlfriend Case Study #1

GoGirlfriend Case Study #1 examines the article “Tourist Kidnappings on the Rise in Mexico” as it pulls in top spot for most reviewed post.

SEO ~ Search Engine Optimization

Even through the clutter of social networking sites and blogs, Search Engine Optimization remains the simplest and surest method of shining a spotlight on your site. SEO gets you found online – as well as offering a springboard for social media and traditional marketing. How do you know if your potential customers are finding you instead of your competition?

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