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Tips for Starting a Small Business: Your Digital Assets

Starting a business on your own has it’s challenges – purchasing the business licence and registration, choices on sole proprietorship vs incorporation, setting up the accounting, drafting business contracts for clients, meeting with banks …

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Twitter True Story ~ Charting a Course for Success

We’re honored to welcome Michelle Mangen, AKA @MMangen, to SocialNorth. Michelle’s a 6-figure virtual assistant, single mom who loves Latin dancing, iTunes, books and horses. She’s the oldest of 7 kids from Wisconsin and now lives in Sarasota, Florida …

keep your personal and business accounts separate

Twitter True Story ~ An Analytical Perspective

We’re honored to welcome Elizabeth Monier-Williams, AKA @Analyticeye to SocialNorth. Elizabeth writes The Analytic Eye, a blog about communications, marketing analysis, social media and digital culture, is a Tedx speaker and the Marketing and Communications Manager for Mars Innovation …

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Twitter True Story ~ The Power of Storytelling

We’re honored to welcome Amanda Wood, AKA @AmandaHWood to SocialNorth. Amanda is a new media culturist for the Charcoal Group. Lover of all things food, tech, design and media. This is her story…

make your voice heard

Twitter True Story ~ How I Found My Voice

I learned that it’s never too late to find your passion. I found out that uniqueness isn’t a bad thing, and that I don’t have to fit into someone else’s mold or pretend to be something I’m not. I realized that until I found my worth, nobody else would see it …

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Twitter True Story ~ Social Media & Entrepreneurialism

Through Twitter, I developed a new network of courageous, risk-taking, supportive business owners who openly shared their stories online. Many of them were people just like me, who had felt the same way I did, and had found a new “lease on life” by starting their own business …

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Conference Networking Tips WIBN 2013

As a small business owner, conferences give me an opportunity to be part of a team – they’re my water cooler, board meeting and off-site team building event. If I’m lucky, the conference organizers will have a stellar line-up of speakers to stretch my horizons even further …

digital barn-raising to build community

An Old Fashioned Barn Raising – Online

How do you nurture relationships in business and in life? Social media’s is about investing in relationships. With the right tools on the right networks and the right resources, your business can enjoy a digital barn raising that helps build your business today and sustain it into the future.

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The Art of Effective Business Networking

How do you transform your social media networks into a powerful, sustainable community? You take them offline, face-to-face, every chance you get. I connect with people online for the same reason I join networking groups – because we share similar interests or we have a similar focus in business.

Presidents Welcome at Red Egg

WithIt Wrap-Up 2012

My goals for my year as president revolved around connection. Celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, we needed a refreshed approach to connecting to each other, our sponsors and supporters. And we needed those connections to be face to face and digital – strong, sustainable pipelines across all channels.

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