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what makes a good writer

Are You a Good Writer?

Writing comes from somewhere deep inside of you and needs protecting. For some of us, sharing our writing is like getting naked in public. For my prison students, that was easy – judgement wasn’t new to them. For the rest of us, the story is a little different …

best practices for your brand's marketing strategy

Do You Disclose Sponsored Tweets, Updates & Posts?

Almost all social media sites use paid advertising messages as part of their revenue model. Individual bloggers, myself included, work with brands to promote products or services through those social media channels. Sometimes the nature of those messages is unclear, but that’s about to change with a renewed interest by the FTC …

Hear Julia Speak

Where in the world is Julia?  Las Vegas Furniture Market ~ January 20th, 3:30 pm, Building C-174 Ten years ago when you had something newsworthy to share, you found a PR agency that harvested product or service reviews from journalists and editors. It was almost always a one-way ticket to media attention, which lead to […]

Julia and Grace

Mother and Daughter Take on the Nokia Lumia 920

During the Holiday Swap Challenge, my daughter (Grace) and I took weekly turns using the phone. As a blogger and social media user herself, I wanted to see if she’d exercise different features. Turns out that although my daughter connects to those around her differently (and incessantly) …

Presidents Welcome at Red Egg

WithIt Wrap-Up 2012

My goals for my year as president revolved around connection. Celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, we needed a refreshed approach to connecting to each other, our sponsors and supporters. And we needed those connections to be face to face and digital – strong, sustainable pipelines across all channels.

Windows 8 Nokia 920 phone

Windows 8 ~ Nokia 920

Would you give up your smart phone for a day? A week? Would you trade it for a smart phone built on an unknown (to you) operating system? For many, the answer’s a simple NO.

Microsoft Canada challenged a group of bloggers (myself included) to give up our phones in exchange for the Nokia Lumina 920, a Windows 8 phone …

TEDxWomenWaterloo speakers

TEDxWaterloo Women

Increasingly, we network by e-mail or through social media. It’s a godsend for shy people. We can listen to conversations and chime in on our own terms. But sometimes, like at the TEDxWaterloo Women event, our connecting is done face to face, handshake to handshake …

Shoe spotting at High Point Furniture Market

Shoe Spotting at High Point Furniture Market

I love trade shows. I love the online chatter about all the shiny, pretty things. I adore the anticipation of seeing old friends and making new ones. And there’s one thing I crave that trade shows always over-deliver – satiating my fashion lust. Shoe spotters, unite! Embrace your fashion-forward self and jack your own style!

Angelo and Julia

Bootstrapping Your Brand at High Point Market

This Sunday at the High Point Furniture Market, I have the incredible honor of interviewing two tireless and quite frankly, brilliant entrepreneurs: Kathy Ireland and Angelo Surmelis. Both Kathy and Angelo lay claim to an impressive list of successes …

Julia Rosien #140conf

Social Media & Prison at 140conf In NYC

In a couple of weeks I’ll travel to NYC and stand on the stage of the 140conf to share my story – twice. I’m as excited as I am nervous, as sure of my story as I am painfully insecure. Turns out my journey to NYC for the 140conf last year was the start of an amazing journey …

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