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Shoe spotting at High Point Furniture Market

Shoe Spotting at High Point Furniture Market

I love trade shows. I love the online chatter about all the shiny, pretty things. I adore the anticipation of seeing old friends and making new ones. And there’s one thing I crave that trade shows always over-deliver – satiating my fashion lust. Shoe spotters, unite! Embrace your fashion-forward self and jack your own style!

Team Julia and Dana

Dana Helms ~ Social Media Community Manager

As SocialNorth approaches its second birthday, I’m excited to announce that we’re growing again with the addition of a social media community manager. Dana has the DNA for social media and I was thrilled when she agreed to join the SocialNorth team. I hope you’ll agree, she’s the kind of person I want watching over and growing my brand online.

Social Keywords

Are social media conversations important for search? The new anthem of CEO’s has been officially named “What’s the ROI of Social Media, Baby?” For some “social media strategists” the very thought of measuring social media efforts sends nerves-a-twitching before the chorus begins. After all, how can you measure a relationship? Can you truly put a […]


Withit 2012

Women leading women In 2012, I’ll accept the presidency of WithIt – Women in the Home and Furnishings Industries – an international organization dedicated to supporting and nurturing leadership in women. This past October I attended the High Point Furniture Market to meet some of our sponsors and thank them for their continued support of […]

Julia Rosien, SocialNorth

Simple Social Media Marketing

A new way to transform customers into fans Today, consumers can know as much about your products as your sales staff before they step foot inside your store. Business survival depends on creative and inexpensive initiatives that allow you to leapfrog past the competition and grab the spotlight. Do you know how to break through […]

Networking versus Cold Calling

Which would you rather do? Interrupt people during dinner or share a glass of wine with friends? In my past life working for a manufacturer, some of the managers swore cold calling was their most effective way to reach potential customers – until …

Twitter is Such a Tool

Whether it’s a hammer or Twitter, a tool is only as good as the person wielding it. Social media is no different. Just like a hammer can help construct buildings or break thumbs, social media can help businesses reach more customers or drive them away.

Social North Introduces a New Team Member

Annie and I met by chance a few months ago at a Social Media Breakfast while sitting at the same table. When we realized we were tweeting each other from across the table, we put down the phones and started chatting. She’s newly graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University …

Home Furnishings Industry Conference

When I joined Natura as their Communications Director in 2009, social media was still a pie in the sky idea for the furniture industry. Companies (and people like me) that engaged were seen as foolish or visionaries – sometimes both …

Your Business on Facebook

I remember the early days of Facebook (for me that was 2006). Back then, nurturing friendship was more important than numbers. And it wasn’t about brands or branding – the almighty “Like” button hadn’t even been dreamed of yet …

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