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Bullying hurts

8 Not-So-Simple Rules for Dealing With Online Bullying

Whether we’re talking about cyber bullying between individuals, lynch mobs that descend on brands or childhood and teenage bullying, it’s all pretty horrible. Thankfully, we’re pretty smart and working together gets us closer to the solution.

keep your personal and business accounts separate

Twitter True Story ~ An Analytical Perspective

We’re honored to welcome Elizabeth Monier-Williams, AKA @Analyticeye to SocialNorth. Elizabeth writes The Analytic Eye, a blog about communications, marketing analysis, social media and digital culture, is a Tedx speaker and the Marketing and Communications Manager for Mars Innovation …

introspective Amanda

Twitter True Story ~ The Power of Storytelling

We’re honored to welcome Amanda Wood, AKA @AmandaHWood to SocialNorth. Amanda is a new media culturist for the Charcoal Group. Lover of all things food, tech, design and media. This is her story…

Twitter True Story ~ The Convergence of Personal & Professional

I’ve been on Twitter since 2006 and, while I admit that I hadn’t a clue what it was, how I would benefit or how I would give back to my community, I realized it was a necessity for my business growth. I’ve since developed a far greater understanding of the benefits of social media, personally and professionally. Social media has changed …

Robert Petril

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Robert Petril, Designer Extraordinaire

We’re honored to welcome designer extraordinaire Robert Petril, 30 year furniture industry veteran to SocialNorth. He’s lived, worked and designed around the world – and continues to pursue his never ending quest for amazing inspirations …

be awesome

10 Ways to be Awesome on Social Media

Putting a business on social media is serious business. It costs money to train staff, allocate time to do it and measure what you’re doing. Just like buying a TV or radio ad, if you’re going to invest that much energy into it, you need it to work …

Twitter True Story – Business Success, Strong Marriage & Happy Family

IronKids and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins are the brainchild of my super-smart business-minded husband. The integration of our business and online presence as the family behind the brand started on twitter and spilled over into our real life. …

digital barn-raising to build community

An Old Fashioned Barn Raising – Online

How do you nurture relationships in business and in life? Social media’s is about investing in relationships. With the right tools on the right networks and the right resources, your business can enjoy a digital barn raising that helps build your business today and sustain it into the future.

Presidents Welcome at Red Egg

WithIt Wrap-Up 2012

My goals for my year as president revolved around connection. Celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, we needed a refreshed approach to connecting to each other, our sponsors and supporters. And we needed those connections to be face to face and digital – strong, sustainable pipelines across all channels.

Lorena Scott ~ MommiesFirst

The MommiesFirst Social Media Story

The MommiesFirst story is quite simple, an idea “born” out of a personal experience as a new mom. Trading my high heels for flats, business suits for nursing tanks, and fashion magazines for “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. I was SCARED, OVERWHELMED, and CONFUSED – and from that came the creation of MommiesFirst …

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