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how do I blog creatively

Unblocking Writer’s Block ~ For Bloggers

All writers and bloggers have experienced writer’s block at one point or another. If you’re blogging for business, it can be stressful to have a deadline looming and inspiration coming from nowhere. Blogging for business can be tricky because while the content is focused on the brand, the personal, intimate voice of the blogger is what makes it sharable …

how to write well

The Art of Editing Your Blog Posts

What separates the good from the great communicators is the ability AND willingness to rework their writing over and over again until it glistens like a polished gem ~ to see it as adding a final sheen to their work. Writing a blog post (or a column or a book) is all about communicating …

Don't be shy about your SEO strategy

50 Shades of SEO

Curiosity titillated by what SEO can do for your bottom line? Start by checking your inhibitions at the door and checking into a new way of doing business online.

What do you blog about

“How To” Blogging Basics

Blogs are chameleons. Companies use them to communicate and interact with clients, stakeholders and even suppliers. Newspapers and magazines use them to offer an alternate view of the news. Individuals use them to help create their personal brand online …

share a piece of yourself

How to Write Great Content

Whether you call it content marketing or blogging, reaching out with stories humanizes companies. It makes big companies feel more approachable and small companies stronger. Free, easily shareable content attracts prospects …

Julia & Steve Elton from Brown Jordan

Networking Lessons at High Point Market

Being online is my business but the networks I use are just tools to help me connect with people. A conversation that takes place in 140 characters or less will never replace a face-to-face conversation.

How Much is too Much to Share on Social Media?

When over-sharing becomes deadly To share or not to share has become the new, ultimate dilemma of the human experience – online at least. Equally important (and often overlooked), however, is knowing what not to do on social media – especially when other people are involved. I normally write about social media from a business […]

Stand out in a crowd

SEO Copywriting & Blogging Best Practices

Get your blog on with these tips & tricks Confession: I’m a word junkie. The choice of one word over another can change our perception of issues, products and other people. As a former journalist and communications director and now professional blogger and social media strategist, words – and how I use them – are […]

Conflict is hard to walk away from...

Twitter Blocking ~ Smart or Drama Queen Move?

Friends & Frenemies on social media Like a family vacation to the zoo, Twitter should be exciting and educational. But not too exciting. You can do without your toddler feeding the lions his leftover donut just like you can do without the high school drama that sometimes comes with social media. It’s called social media […]

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Some people are born entrepreneurs and others fall into it through circumstance. And some, like me, come into their true calling when they finally and truly realize that their square peg is just never going to fit into that round hole. SocialNorth celebrated a first birthday last month …

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