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8 Ways to Get Ahead as an Entrepreneur

Success is not a zero-sum game and generosity can be a direct route to success for you and those around you. To test out this theory, I put a call out for one best tip for someone beginning their entrepreneur journey …

antiquing outside the box

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Heather Vieira

We’re honored to welcome Heather Vieira, vintage and antique storyteller – the Antique Diva …

what makes a good writer

Are You a Good Writer?

Writing comes from somewhere deep inside of you and needs protecting. For some of us, sharing our writing is like getting naked in public. For my prison students, that was easy – judgement wasn’t new to them. For the rest of us, the story is a little different …

Use your creativity

10 Commandments of Blogging

For me, the emergence of blogs was my burning bush. I didn’t understand it at first, but I’ve come to see that salvation (commonly known as content marketing) is within reach. If only we’re willing to believe that using a smart keyword strategy …

blogging as a marketing strategy

6 Keys to Writing for Your Small Business Blog

If you’re a small business owner and haven’t yet considered starting a business blog, hopefully if you’re reading this post, you’re already rethinking that. Blogging takes a commitment and is undeniably time-consuming – but it’s also one of the most powerful, valuable ways to market your business …

How do you spark your muse?

Manufacturing Creativity to Get Past Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the white-knuckle nightmare of writers everywhere. The problem is not the getting stuck but how debilitating it is. The more you stress, the more you’re stuck …

wit, wisdom and a thick skin

Negativity on Social Media ~ Ignore or Engage?

I’m a big fan of all that’s good with social media. It allows for collaboration, which we all know leads to innovation. But we’ve all seen the dark side of social media too. When negativity catches hold …

best practices for your brand's marketing strategy

Do You Disclose Sponsored Tweets, Updates & Posts?

Almost all social media sites use paid advertising messages as part of their revenue model. Individual bloggers, myself included, work with brands to promote products or services through those social media channels. Sometimes the nature of those messages is unclear, but that’s about to change with a renewed interest by the FTC …

Craig beside the 2013 Ford Raptor SVT at the Ford Rouge Factory in Dearborn, Michigan

Twitter True Story ~ When One Door Closes

We’re honored to welcome Craig Silva, AKA @BigDaddyKreativ and @FordCraigSilva, to SocialNorth. Craig is the Senior Community Manager for Ford Canada and a personal friend of mine. We met two years ago and following his journey has been inspiring – to say the least.

creating the content strategy

How to Rock Your Content Marketing Strategy

Companies that have embraced content marketing have been awarded a strong, loud voice. It’s allowed them to reach directly into the hearts of their consumers, long before the buying process begins. I’ve had some clients see more than a 300% growth in website traffic in less than 3 months …

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