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Dana’s social DNA

As SocialNorth approaches its second birthday, I’m excited to announce that we’re growing again with the addition of a social media community manager.

Dana Helms, SocialNorth community managerDana and I met a few years ago at my first WithIt event. I didn’t know anyone. Dana took me under her wing, introduced me to a lot of people and threw a bunch of empty bags at me and told me to stuff them. It was the start of a beautiful relationship, stuffing swag bags for a couple hundred women.

Special thanks to Stacey Van Berkel Photography for her brilliant work with our launch photo shoot.

Dana and I now serve on the WithIt board of directors together, she as the vice president of social media and me as the president of the organization. Dana has the DNA for social media and I was thrilled when she agreed to join the SocialNorth team. I hope you’ll agree, she’s the kind of person I want watching over and growing my brand online.

Tell us about how you got started in social media?

My first social media experience was with MySpace, which feels so long ago now. I learned pretty fast that I like finding creative ways to communicate with people. After using MySpace for a while I was curious what else was out there. About that time Facebook and Twitter were being introduced. I loved the way Twitter and Facebook operated. They seemed a little more professional and both offered interesting ways to interact. Twitter quickly became by far my favorite way to connect and engage with friends and new friends I’m meeting along the way.

Tell us about some of the achievements you’ve enjoyed in social media

WithitSince diving into social media, many doors have opened to me. I’ve become a more vital part of an organization that I believe in with my whole heart – WithIt. Last year Julia invited me to be their voice in Social Media from 2011 till 2014. Using the skills I’ve learned along the way, I’m delighted to serve as vice president of social media for WithIt.

Earlier this year I was asked to join the influencer group of a startup – HashTip. It’s a web-based business that provides tips, coupons, deals and saving for Moms. My role is to help build content on the site, create online buzz and grow its community.

In 2010, I discovered Pinterest and immediately began using it from a home and furnishings perspective. I wrote an article for Home Furnishings Business Spring 2012 Designer Look Book (trade publication). My article focused on how designers can use Pinterest to drive business. I reached out to my list of designers in my social networks to help and the finished product was a beautiful collaboration of many minds sharing ideas.  

What are the cornerstones of a strong social strategy for companies in the home & furnishings industries?

Over the last several years I’ve enjoyed watching the home and furnishings industry explore and experiment with different social media channels. Some dive deep and create amazing, connected communities while others blindly jump into the fray and then abandon shortly after.

From a consumer standpoint, it’s like looking at a deserted warehouse when a social media account is left for dead. It leaves people wondering if this how they treat their customers when no one’s watching. That dead social media account may have been the first interaction with a company – and it’s often the last.

Consumers want relationships with brands. Working hand in hand with manufacturers, retailers and sales people is gratifying work for me. I love being part of a success story. Best advice I can give anyone just starting out in social media, “Find the channel that works for your business and the type of customer you are trying to attract – and then do it really well. Rock it.”

Where do you see the most exciting things happening in social media, as it relates to the home & furnishings industries?

Team Julia and DanaSocial media in general excites me. You know the feeling when you go the mailbox and you get a letter from a friend or family member or an invite to a party? That’s what social media is for me. I connect with brands that I’m committed too and that are committed to me and have a chance to prove that to me by connecting online.

I’m excited to be working with SocialNorth to help more brands connect with more people like me. I’m eager to help retailers and manufacturers in the home and furnishings industry make those connections stronger and richer. With High Point Market just around the corner, it will be interesting to watch how brands are finding new ways to use these tools to engage, connect and inform.

Catch up with Dana online

If you’re ready to get found online, isn’t it time you connected with Dana and SocialNorth? We think so too. Contact Us!

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  1. I really enjoyed this article! It’s fun to learn a bit more about your personality and what you feel passionate about in business.

  2. Sara says:

    Congrats, ladies! Sounds like a great team!

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