I’m Confused ~ Is Content King or Social Media?

Maximizing media coverage with keywords

How’s that Facebook thing working for you? In 2007, convincing the C-level 2007 that social media was a workable strategy took more fast talking than sneaking in late after curfew. It was almost impossible to measure and it took time. A lot of time.

Being on the tip of the social media curve, taught me a lot about building relationships online, building brand awareness and content generation across multiple platforms. I worked with start-ups that banked more passion than money so exploring cost-effective communication solutions ensured my job security – you can’t work for a start-up without being a pioneer yourself.

Is Social Media Too Cool For YouThose early social media lessons are still valuable today for companies that want to streamline their message across multiple platforms. When resources are spread thin (when aren’t they?) repurposing content is the quickest route. Think of it as botex for your content. Perk up your existing content and share, share, share!

Take that content and beautify it!

Social media

Your social media updates should mirror what you most want customers to know about your site. Choose the top categories and map them into an editorial/marketing calendar so you give potential customers lots of exposure to different products throughout the year. And, of course, use snippets from your website, packaging and brochures so your customers are getting the same message no matter where they find you.

Business proposals

While most business proposals are more only slightly more thrilling than root canals, it doesn’t have to be that way. Jazz up your business communications with your online content, media mentions and social media conversations. After all, if you’re trying to woo yourself into a new relationship, putting your best stuff forward just makes sense.

Trade show displays

When creating billboards, brochures and postcards use the best of the best of your content. That great tagline that took you hours to fine tune deserves to be shared – everywhere! Don’t forget those great reviews and media mentions that contain your keywords – why not show them off in different mediums?

Digital media kit

Although you’ll likely put this page behind a password that’s accessible only by media, it’s a great opportunity to free your media kit from its paper constraints. Digitize your collateral in big, beautiful files. And include story ideas (with your keywords) to make it easier for journalists and bloggers to write about you.

As seen in…

If you’re lucky enough to get the nod from Oprah, quote her in your packaging, your POP materials, on social media – everywhere you talk about your products. Same with video clips – give that FOX TV mention a longer shelf life by sharing it – everywhere!


Is Content King?Speaking of “As seen in…” how about a newsflash button on your site for all those great media mentions? Show off what people are saying about you, whether it’s a great blog review or a CNN shout-out. While you’re at it, add some commentary of your own, introducing each media mention with some of your keywords.

Landing pages

Landing pages are a sustainable SEO strategy – as long as you offer something of value. Reinvent your landing pages by including product-specific snippets of everything we’ve mentioned above.

Client communications

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