SEO ~ Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization isn’t dead

Even through the clutter of social networking sites and blogs, Search Engine Optimization remains the simplest and surest method of shining a spotlight on your site. SEO gets you found online – as well as offering a springboard for social media and traditional marketing.

Beginner SEO

How do you know if your potential customers are finding you instead of your competition? Dive deep.

You need to see your online footprint alongside your competitions to understand how you measure up.  We’ll draw you a map of the landscape and your place in it and show you where your opportunities are – before we suggest any changes.

Once you understand what your site looks like to your customers and to search engines, you can start improving your findability.

Using the results of our research, the latest analytical tools and your company’s goals, we’ll create a customized list of keywords and phrases that define your company. That list will then allow us to map every page on your site to a goal – this all happens before any copywriting begins.

SEO by Design

Then we start the heavy lifting – making your site relevant to potential customers and search engines. We’ll show you the changes you can make right away (no expensive developer needed) that will start improving your results over night.

• Meta-content that delivers relevant information (source code behind each webpage)
• Information-rich on-page copy that engages customers
• New pages that satisfy Google’s need for up to date, relevant content

Linking Building

SEO is so much more than just relevant content. It’s also links within your site and links pointing to your site that are anchored in keywords that matter to you. Any link associated with your site (internally and externally) has the power to affect how people and search engines view your site.

A thorough diagnostic of inbound, outbound and internal links will help you understand why potential customers may be getting lost before they get to your site – and even after they’ve arrived.

• Are there dead ends or broken links on your site – these are two different issues.
• Are any influencers or influential sites pointing at you as the expert?
• Are there negative inbound links that are affecting brand sentiment?

A thorough examination of all the links related to your site will help you decide which errors need to be fixed immediately and which ones can be worked on over time. A closer look at your overall linking strategy will also give you a better understanding of why or why not your sales funnel works.


How your customers see your site and navigate through it has a direct impact on whether they stick around long enough to make a purchase. Is it easy to use your site, regardless of browser or does it take too long to load, take visitors to unexpected pages and distract them from your goals?

Using test groups and best practices for usability standards, we show you how to improve your site’s performance. Some of those suggestions may be easy fixes, while others may require a back -to -the -drawing -board consideration.

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