Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #3

“It was a real treat to work with Julia, a high energy social media expert who took us from ground zero to a prominent and leader position in our industry. Gave us a competitive edge in our bedding industry.”
Larry Klein, EVP for Natura World Inc

Blogger Networks – Your personal cheerleading squad

Communities need nurturing, not managing. A bedding manufacturer (that I worked with for 2 years) was supported by bloggers who tested products and then shared their experiences with the world. With more than 50 bloggers in its community, the word of mouth online is like a grassfire.

mom bloggerMom bloggers are the fastest growing group on the Internet – and social networking in particular. They deliver daily content that’s opinion-based and full of passion. Authenticity is the currency here. If a blogger lies to his/her community, they lose their street credibility – and their community dies.

Working with bloggers signs over all brand messaging – they now control the content and how it’s fed to the world. A company’s product line up and superior customer service consistently wins over bloggers and results are reviews that are both informative of the company’s core values and positive about the products.

Working with bloggers was one of my most rewarding activities. They are a tightly knit group and invite those they trust into their world – to be friends. In 2009 a blogger I worked with passed away suddenly and another called to tell me personally – she didn’t want me to hear about it online. Many of the men and women I’ve worked with have joined my personal network on Facebook and Twitter.

Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous

Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous – Tenille LaFontaine


“Both my husband and I agree we have never slept better than we do now using our [new] products.  I would most definitely turn to [them] when purchasing a new crib mattress, knowing the comfort it would provide!”


Eco-Office Gals ~ Jennifer Smith

Eco-Office Gals358 comments

“This is a true account peeps, no exaggeration. I went to bed with my new pillow and blanket. I can’t even explain how cozy I was, but that wasn’t the kicker. At some point after I fell asleep I woke up, it was still dark and I was alone in the room. My husband was gone? WTH?! I jumped up, looked around and had no idea what was going on… until I realized it was 6am!! Yes, I had slept so deep and comfortable I thought it had only been an hour at best. I never even changed positions. I had stayed curled up in the same position all night long!  My husband said he had kissed me good bye when he left and I didn’t budge. That is so not me! Not that I have trouble sleeping, but I don’t ever remember sleeping so soundly in my life.”


Everything Up Close ~ Ilissa HuhtaEverything Up Close


“When I first received this pillow, I immediately noticed how soft it was, both in the texture of the filling and the feeling of the pillow cover. After sleeping with this pillow for one night, I noticed a couple things. First of all, I did manage to sleep throughout the night which I imagine was due to it’s temperature controlling properties.”


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