Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #2

“I’ve worked with some of the best communications people in the business and Julia tops the chart. Her energy and enthusiasm are electrifying and invigorating. You simply cannot work with her and not want to do your best, smile your widest. Julia is honest and trustworthy, humble and full of integrity. Her expertise in social media, web development and retail make her a huge asset. She works as hard as she plays and takes her role as mom and wife just as seriously as her work. There’s only one Julia Rosien.”
Chris Chamberlin, Co-owner, The Clean Bedroom


Building and nurturing loyal communities

With a clear understanding that the best marketing messages are entertainment first, launching a Facebook campaign should be about fun first. Supporting it with advertising is second. During Julia’s engagement as a communications director for a mattress manufacturer, she used infotainment as her modus operandi:

  • Show off Your Bed Head
  • Safe Sleep Video Campaign
  • National Napping Day
  • Reclaim Your Bed
  • Make Going to Bed More Fun

Branding is always priority number one, but it doesn’t have to be in your face information – the goal is to keep it fun. Along with giveaways and events, all Facebook fans can be given discounts and rebates to add value to the relationship.

During the “Show Off Your Bed Head” campaign, a bunch of employees shared their bed head in a photo shoot. They donned sunglasses and jumped on a mattress – outside. Fans on Facebook and Twitter were invited to share their bed head pics for a chance to win a new pillow. The result was hundreds of new Facebook fans in one month.

Videos – made with entertainment as high of a priority as education – are a great way to launch a promotion. Julia’s team launched a series of confessional videos that featured staff members sharing their sleep sins. By the end of the month, employees and fans alike were sharing the videos on their personal Facebook and twitter pages.

Holidays are the perfect way poke fun and teach at the same time. “National Napping Day” promoted the mid-day nap but the company kicked it off with a pajama party in the office, pillow fight and a pizza party. Catching staff napping at (in some cases under) their desks caught fire and more than 400 Facebook friends joined in on the fun.

Candy Fun

“I just separated from my husband and am now sleeping alot better however, a layer between me and the old memories would be splendid!”

This manufacturer can credit much of its success to cross-pollinating campaigns across all available social networks. In 2009, the Facebook and Twitter communities were small and undeveloped, but by 2010 they were feeding off their own energy.


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