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keep your personal and business accounts separate

Twitter True Story ~ An Analytical Perspective

We’re honored to welcome Elizabeth Monier-Williams, AKA @Analyticeye to SocialNorth. Elizabeth writes The Analytic Eye, a blog about communications, marketing analysis, social media and digital culture, is a Tedx speaker and the Marketing and Communications Manager for Mars Innovation …

introspective Amanda

Twitter True Story ~ The Power of Storytelling

We’re honored to welcome Amanda Wood, AKA @AmandaHWood to SocialNorth. Amanda is a new media culturist for the Charcoal Group. Lover of all things food, tech, design and media. This is her story…

Stephen Dimmick - make-up artist extraordinaire

Dishing with Dana ~ Interview with Stephen Dimmick

We’re honored to welcome Stephen Dimmick, Media personality, dog lovin’, makeup man, vlogger dishin a daily dose of Oprah with an Aussie attitude. If you ain’t a nice person, makeup won’t help …

How do you spark your muse?

Manufacturing Creativity to Get Past Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is the white-knuckle nightmare of writers everywhere. The problem is not the getting stuck but how debilitating it is. The more you stress, the more you’re stuck …

Twitter True Story ~ The Convergence of Personal & Professional

I’ve been on Twitter since 2006 and, while I admit that I hadn’t a clue what it was, how I would benefit or how I would give back to my community, I realized it was a necessity for my business growth. I’ve since developed a far greater understanding of the benefits of social media, personally and professionally. Social media has changed …

the fan hog

What Does Your Social Media Say About You?

As your community grows and the world gets to know you better, conversations, relationships and sales all start to blossom. But are these people your friends? Maybe your followers? Your fans?

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