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how to write well

The Art of Editing Your Blog Posts

What separates the good from the great communicators is the ability AND willingness to rework their writing over and over again until it glistens like a polished gem ~ to see it as adding a final sheen to their work. Writing a blog post (or a column or a book) is all about communicating …

Hear Julia Speak

Where in the world is Julia?  Las Vegas Furniture Market ~ January 20th, 3:30 pm, Building C-174 Ten years ago when you had something newsworthy to share, you found a PR agency that harvested product or service reviews from journalists and editors. It was almost always a one-way ticket to media attention, which lead to […]

brand ambassadorship

Brand Ambassadorship & Blogging

When it comes to writing about (and endorsing) products, the line bloggers walk can be as treacherous as walking across Niagara Falls on a tightrope. Balance is important but determination, faith and focus on the end game also contribute to whether you’ll drop in the drink or make it to the other side safely …

Julia and Grace

Mother and Daughter Take on the Nokia Lumia 920

During the Holiday Swap Challenge, my daughter (Grace) and I took weekly turns using the phone. As a blogger and social media user herself, I wanted to see if she’d exercise different features. Turns out that although my daughter connects to those around her differently (and incessantly) …

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