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plagiarism is stealing

Plagiarism, Stealing & Flattery

When copying crosses the line Whoever said that copying was the sincerest form of flattery lacked imagination. Seriously. There’s a big difference between taking a good idea and making it your own and copying an idea verbatim. Copying content is plagiarism. Let’s survey the landscape, which, by the way, hasn’t changed since you were in […]

Don't be shy about your SEO strategy

50 Shades of SEO

Curiosity titillated by what SEO can do for your bottom line? Start by checking your inhibitions at the door and checking into a new way of doing business online.

Shoe spotting at High Point Furniture Market

Shoe Spotting at High Point Furniture Market

I love trade shows. I love the online chatter about all the shiny, pretty things. I adore the anticipation of seeing old friends and making new ones. And there’s one thing I crave that trade shows always over-deliver – satiating my fashion lust. Shoe spotters, unite! Embrace your fashion-forward self and jack your own style!

Angelo and Julia

Bootstrapping Your Brand at High Point Market

This Sunday at the High Point Furniture Market, I have the incredible honor of interviewing two tireless and quite frankly, brilliant entrepreneurs: Kathy Ireland and Angelo Surmelis. Both Kathy and Angelo lay claim to an impressive list of successes …

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