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What do you blog about

“How To” Blogging Basics

Blogs are chameleons. Companies use them to communicate and interact with clients, stakeholders and even suppliers. Newspapers and magazines use them to offer an alternate view of the news. Individuals use them to help create their personal brand online …

what is social networking?

Market Your Business Using Social Media

Opening the doors and turning on the open sign doesn’t ensure a stampede. Communicate with your consumers. Let them know about your product or services, what you’re doing and how to find you online and off …

Is mom scared?

Young Drivers, Social North & Life Lessons

Ever notice that life really is like a highway? Especially when you have teenagers and they want to learn how to drive? It’s all about the speed, there’s very little time to react and your nerves are shot before you get out of the driveway…

Build your Pinterest-ed community

How Do I Use Pinterest for Business?

Seems like just yesterday people were saying a word that made you raise an eyebrow – Twitter. Now there’s Pinterest. Maybe you’re already dabbling to see how it can help you grow your business online …

How to build a brand

Brands that Lead and Don’t Follow

You love a product so much that you’d drive across town just to be lucky enough to buy it, hold it in your hands. As you’re paying for your purchase, you find it on Twitter – you whip out your smart phone and follow and chat and share your brand love with the Twitterverse …

Team Julia and Dana

Dana Helms ~ Social Media Community Manager

As SocialNorth approaches its second birthday, I’m excited to announce that we’re growing again with the addition of a social media community manager. Dana has the DNA for social media and I was thrilled when she agreed to join the SocialNorth team. I hope you’ll agree, she’s the kind of person I want watching over and growing my brand online.

Dana Helms ~ @themrshelms

Introducing Dana Helms

Dana joins SocialNorth from MicroD, a website development company focused on the home and furnishings industry. Dana is also the vice president of social media for WithIt, where she serves with Julia, developing content and creating visibility for the not-for-profit women’s leadership organization …

Reaching Full Social Media Potential

Social Media Management Packages

SocialNorth brings years of experience and a wealth of furniture and bedding industry contacts to the table to help you achieve your goals. We’re two partners, Julia & Dana, drawn together by a shared passion for doing great work with great clients – from full-on brand creation to building a successful sales funnel. We bring our experience and passion to every project.

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