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140 Conf ONT Deconstructed

Most people agree the social Internet has transformed our culture – but not everyone sees it as positive. Jeff Pulver’s State of Now Conferences around the world are all about the power of positivity online and how every single update can be a movement toward a better world.

Manufacturing Innovation Network Case Study

After the catastrophic economic crash of 2009, the government stepped in to help car companies rebuild themselves. But while many manufacturers watched their businesses die and their employees left jobless and many homeless, Waterloo Region (in Ontario, Canada) created a network to support struggling manufacturers and help them remain competitive in the new global landscape – the Manufacturing Innovation Network (MIN).

Networking versus Cold Calling

Which would you rather do? Interrupt people during dinner or share a glass of wine with friends? In my past life working for a manufacturer, some of the managers swore cold calling was their most effective way to reach potential customers – until …

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