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Dove – Real Beauty, Real Smart

Successful marketers know how to strike a nerve. Make you laugh, weep, think of someone you love. But what happens when you innovate the industry you’re competing in and show the other marketers there’s another way of doing it?

Facebook and your Medical Practice

Putting a doctor, dentist or any other medical professional on Facebook is tricky. Brands often face customer service questions, which can be challenging, but not nearly as challenging as medical issues.

Now Revolution – Review & Contest

As we reach past the recession and out of a landscape littered with foreclosures, layoffs and lawsuits, innovation has become the DNA for survival. Those who fail to innovate, die. It’s time to embrace “The Now Revolution” with Jay Baer and Amber Naslund as your tour guides …

Dove Singing in the Rain with Bloggers

If I told you that Dove gets digital media, you’d probably tell me to go away until I have something newsworthy to add. After all, it’s been 4 years since Dove’s Evolution video shocked us that one woman’s face could change so drastically through touch ups. And Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty? It rocks.

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