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2011 Bedding Forecast from Furniture Today

The economic downturn of 2009 may be in our rear view mirror, but the furniture industry is still nursing its wounds. This past week I spoke at Las Vegas Market to furniture retailers eager to learn how to engage on social media. Thanks to Dave Perry and Furniture Today, I was able to see the bedding industry with a little more clarity.

I’m Confused ~ Is Content King or Social Media?

How’s that Facebook thing working for you? In 2007, convincing the C-level 2007 that social media was a workable strategy took more fast talking than sneaking in late after curfew. It was almost impossible to measure and it took time. A lot of time …

5 Tips to Land a Social Media Job

There’s no denying social media humanizes brands and your online community can ramp up a company’s forward-facing image quickly. Arrive at your interview armed with print-outs of conversations on your blog, Facebook or Twitter …

5 Ways to Measure Your Social Oomph or Make Friends?

I’m often asked how I measure social media for business, which is a fair question. But it’s one I often answer with, “how did you measure the reach of that billboard you paid someone to put up at the local hockey arena?”

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