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Plan ahead for message continuity

Editorial Calendar – Social Media Strategy Must-Have

Keeping the message on target and timely is one of the biggest challenges I hear from community managers. How do you keep the content flowing in a way that makes sense to the community? Take a note from this former journalist’s toolbox and build yourself an editorial calendar …

#RBCSmallBiz twitter chat

Tips for Starting a Small Business: Your Digital Assets

Starting a business on your own has it’s challenges – purchasing the business licence and registration, choices on sole proprietorship vs incorporation, setting up the accounting, drafting business contracts for clients, meeting with banks …

hiring a social media professional

How to Hire a Social Media Expert

If you’re a small business owner just venturing into social media, the learning curve is overwhelming. To hire the right person for the job, you have to know the right questions to ask. And to know the right questions, you’ve got some research ahead of you. The good news is, there a lot of people willing to help – myself included …

Twitter True Story – Business Success, Strong Marriage & Happy Family

IronKids and Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins are the brainchild of my super-smart business-minded husband. The integration of our business and online presence as the family behind the brand started on twitter and spilled over into our real life. …

best practices for your brand's marketing strategy

Do You Disclose Sponsored Tweets, Updates & Posts?

Almost all social media sites use paid advertising messages as part of their revenue model. Individual bloggers, myself included, work with brands to promote products or services through those social media channels. Sometimes the nature of those messages is unclear, but that’s about to change with a renewed interest by the FTC …

WithIt, WIBN & WaterlooMIN

WithIt, WIBN and WaterlooMIN are just a few of the organizations SocialNorth has been privileged to serve. Highlighting these three as a group is significant as they’re all member-based organizations that rely heavily on volunteers, member participation and sponsors …

creating the content strategy

How to Rock Your Content Marketing Strategy

Companies that have embraced content marketing have been awarded a strong, loud voice. It’s allowed them to reach directly into the hearts of their consumers, long before the buying process begins. I’ve had some clients see more than a 300% growth in website traffic in less than 3 months …

your life preserver in stormy client relationships

Firing a Wrong-for-You Client

For many entrepreneurs, we think we need every business opportunity that comes our way, but unprofitable or exhausting business relationships can detract you from finding quality clients. In fact, we mistakenly see some clients as a life preserver – when they’re actually the iceberg that can take us down. Even in our tumultuous economic climate, ending a business relationship …

how do I blog creatively

Unblocking Writer’s Block ~ For Bloggers

All writers and bloggers have experienced writer’s block at one point or another. If you’re blogging for business, it can be stressful to have a deadline looming and inspiration coming from nowhere. Blogging for business can be tricky because while the content is focused on the brand, the personal, intimate voice of the blogger is what makes it sharable …

Kathy Ireland, Julia Rosien and Betty-Lynn Eller

The Art of Effective Business Networking

How do you transform your social media networks into a powerful, sustainable community? You take them offline, face-to-face, every chance you get. I connect with people online for the same reason I join networking groups – because we share similar interests or we have a similar focus in business.

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