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WithIt, WIBN & WaterlooMIN

WithIt, WIBN and WaterlooMIN are just a few of the organizations SocialNorth has been privileged to serve. Highlighting these three as a group is significant as they’re all member-based organizations that rely heavily on volunteers, member participation and sponsors …

Windows 8 Nokia 920 phone

Windows 8 ~ Nokia 920

Would you give up your smart phone for a day? A week? Would you trade it for a smart phone built on an unknown (to you) operating system? For many, the answer’s a simple NO.

Microsoft Canada challenged a group of bloggers (myself included) to give up our phones in exchange for the Nokia Lumina 920, a Windows 8 phone …


2012 Bedding Forecast from Furniture Today

At the annual Winter Las Vegas Marketplace (#LVMkt – twitter), SocialNorth was present as Furniture Today released their 2012 Consensus Bedding Forecast. Using data from their polling of 30 vendors and CEO’s, ISPA (International Sleep Products Association) forecasts and balancing with economic conditions, Furniture Today delivered their take

Manufacturing Innovation Network Case Study

After the catastrophic economic crash of 2009, the government stepped in to help car companies rebuild themselves. But while many manufacturers watched their businesses die and their employees left jobless and many homeless, Waterloo Region (in Ontario, Canada) created a network to support struggling manufacturers and help them remain competitive in the new global landscape – the Manufacturing Innovation Network (MIN).

Twitter Prenuptials – Please Sign Here

Do you take this Twitter account until death…? If you’re tweeting for business, do you use your picture, the company logo or a combination of both? In 2000, community moderation meant being the brand behind the curtain – much like the Wizard of Oz. Communication was functional and when employees moved on, another stepped in […]

Now Revolution – Review & Contest

As we reach past the recession and out of a landscape littered with foreclosures, layoffs and lawsuits, innovation has become the DNA for survival. Those who fail to innovate, die. It’s time to embrace “The Now Revolution” with Jay Baer and Amber Naslund as your tour guides …

2011 Bedding Forecast from Furniture Today

The economic downturn of 2009 may be in our rear view mirror, but the furniture industry is still nursing its wounds. This past week I spoke at Las Vegas Market to furniture retailers eager to learn how to engage on social media. Thanks to Dave Perry and Furniture Today, I was able to see the bedding industry with a little more clarity.

Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #3

Communities need nurturing, not managing. In this case study, online communities are supported by bloggers who tested products and then shared their experiences with the world. With more than 50 bloggers in its community, the word of mouth spread like a grassfire.

Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #2

With a clear understanding that the best marketing messages are entertainment launching a Facebook campaign should be about fun first. Supporting it with advertising is second.

Mattress Manufacturer Case Study #1

In late 2009, a retailer from Winnipeg approached this manufacturer about sending pillows to soldiers serving in Afghanistan in honor of a former employee who had recently died while serving there. He wanted to send 7,500 pillows (and a postcard with each one) to Canadian soldiers …

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