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Friends Don’t Let Friends Tweet Drunk

The Twitter buzz buster There are a few things you shouldn’t do after cracking open a cold one. Calling your ex would be number one but tweeting ranks a close second. Actually the more I think about it, calling your ex might be a safer bet than tweeting while under the influence… You might think […]

What Productive, Successful People Do

Work smarter, not harder and other not-so-impossible tips for entrepreneurs Like most people, January is an opportunity to revisit my goals and fine tune my work processes – a check-in and chance to do a better job in the coming year. But doing a better job doesn’t mean working harder – I work as hard […]

Twitter True Story with Jason Dykstra

Building your community before you need it We’re honored to welcome Jason Dykstra, AKA @JasonDyk, to SocialNorth. Jason’s the guy you call when you’re knee-deep in conflict. He’s a conflict management specialist, husband, father and all around awesome guy I’m honored to call a friend. This is his story… SocialNorth welcome submissions from everyone. Whether […]

Scott Bedbury

Are You Respecting the Spandex Rule of Branding?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should… This past spring, I shared the stage with Scott Bedbury at the Furniture Today Annual Bedding Conference in Arizona. One of the perks of speaking at conferences is hearing other experts share their wisdom with the world. A keynote speaker important enough to have his own Wikipedia […]

Enjoying the sun - out of office

Without Agenda

When’s the last time you unshackled your brain from its electronic frenzy? Most of us begin each morning with coffee and email, then move onto Twitter, then Facebook…and see who’s been creeping our LinkedIn profiles …

How Much is too Much to Share on Social Media?

When over-sharing becomes deadly To share or not to share has become the new, ultimate dilemma of the human experience – online at least. Equally important (and often overlooked), however, is knowing what not to do on social media – especially when other people are involved. I normally write about social media from a business […]

Stand out in a crowd

SEO Copywriting & Blogging Best Practices

Get your blog on with these tips & tricks Confession: I’m a word junkie. The choice of one word over another can change our perception of issues, products and other people. As a former journalist and communications director and now professional blogger and social media strategist, words – and how I use them – are […]

Tracy Moore

CityLine TV’s Tracy Moore Talks Twitter

Last week I met and interviewed the host of CityTV’s CityLine daytime show, Tracy Moore. The former journalist and news anchor spoke at a Toronto conference for women bloggers – She’s Connected – and agreed to answer a few questions about Twitter.

Twitter Prenuptials – Please Sign Here

Do you take this Twitter account until death…? If you’re tweeting for business, do you use your picture, the company logo or a combination of both? In 2000, community moderation meant being the brand behind the curtain – much like the Wizard of Oz. Communication was functional and when employees moved on, another stepped in […]

Scott Stratten – A Case Study in Relationship Marketing

In an industry filled with so-called experts it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. With so many people offering advice (much of it contradictory) how do you know who to turn to for the real deal.

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